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  1. zzerru

    Buc-ees Butt

    My buddy in Texas sent me some Buc-ees BBQ rub to try so I slathered a butt with mustard and rubbed it up I smoked it over maple wood at 255 until IT was 170, then foiled it and added some Vernor’s for that Michigan twist. Made a finishing sauce out of the juices, Vernor’s and mustard All...
  2. zzerru

    Hearty Maple Breakfast Sausage

    Just got a hog processed and I needed to clear out some pork from the freezer, so I decided to make breakfast sausage. I still had some maple syrup left over from bacon making, so I used that to give it some sweetness. The seasonings laid out for 10lbs of sausage: 1 c Grade B maple syrup...
  3. zzerru

    Heritage bacon

    Since moving, I’ve now gotten regular access to awesome pork from heritage breeds raised on the farms around me. I got this particular pork from Mastodon Farms and it is head and shoulders above the sidepork I used to get from the supermarket. I hadn’t made bacon in a couple years but when I got...
  4. zzerru

    Return of the brisket

    Haven’t been around much for the last couple of years but decided to start smoking more and posting again. Here’s me getting my toes back in the water. 14.5lb packer with my rub on it. Ended up separating the point and flat to make it fit in the smoker a bit better. After 10 hours over...
  5. zzerru

    Messina Meats

    Wanted to throw a question out to Michiganders. Does anyone have any experience with Messina Meats in Shelby Township?
  6. zzerru

    Machacado con huevos

    Will do a post showing a process for making carne seca (marinated, smoked/cooked, dried beef) but wanted to share a simple way I use it. Equal portions (I used about 1/2 cup of each): Tomato, onion, bell pepper -- chopped Carne seca -- rough chopped into bite size 1 tsp chili powder A dash...
  7. zzerru

    Corned beef/pastrami cold cuts

    I wanted to bang out some cold cuts for my lunches and Hiller's had top round on sale so I decided to make some pastrami and corned beef. I prefer to use top round or eye of round for lunch meat as it seems easier to slice on my slicer. After its cured ill cut it in half and do one half as...
  8. zzerru

    Smoked steak with the fixings

    Had a day yesterday when I really didn't feel like doing much, started out planning to do something creative for lunch and it turned into more a full blown dinner. Sorry for poor pics. All good things start with bacon. Last slab of my hickory/maple from this summer. Tbone seasoned with...
  9. zzerru

    Batch of deer jerky and summer sausage

    First batch finished curing after 24hr and time to get it drying/smoking. I'm doing this batch with hickory. I made this batch a bit sweet and hot by adding in some sugar/maple syrup and hot sauce instead of Worcestershire. curing Loaded onto racks In the smoker First batch is done and...
  10. zzerru

    Venison hot Italian sausage

    My buddy and I took/processed this 185lb buck this week. We took 30lbs and decided to make summer sausage and jerky, but to stave off hunger pains while doing so, we cranked out about 2lbs hot Italian sausage that we hot smoked with cherry and then finished on the grill to crisp up the casings...
  11. zzerru


    Me and my buddy Corey decided to prep for a cold Michigan winter by making some liver sausage. We are using Rytec recipe liverwurst. Without further ado, the sausage-making: The pork and tripe. The seasonings and cure. Grinding. The liver. Ground and mixed. Will...
  12. zzerru


    Soaked some japs from the farmers market overnight in milk, stuffed with cheddar/cream cheese and topped with the maple/hickory bacon I made this summer and then popped them into the smoker at 275 over cherry. Didn't get a lot of photos of the process as I had a lot of things going on. Did...
  13. zzerru

    Summer sausage time

    Got 2lbs venison, 2lbs beef and 1lbs pork. Venison is from last year and I need to use it up. Meats mixed together, with Sausage Maker summer sausage seasoning and instacure and fermento. Ready to sit for 48 hours.
  14. zzerru

    Brisket -- and then breakfast -- w some qview

    Had our godson's parents over for our weekly get together. We were at our house this time so I decided to through a brisket on. Don't have prep pics but I rubbed it down heavily with Billy Bones rub, which is a little sweeter than normal. Put it in at 8am at 235 with hickory, foiled it at...
  15. zzerru

    Batch of bacon for the summer

    I usually only make bacon once a year around the holidays to give to family and friends as gifts, but this summer folks who ran out early raises such a hew and cry that I broke down and made another batch. Just did 30lbs (25 after trimming) to tide them over. Got the needed items laid out for...
  16. zzerru

    Bratwurst wontons

    Had some friends over yesterday so I decided to whip up a batch of brat wontons. THey are super easy to make and are generally crowd-pleasers (at least my crowd). Brats taken out of the casings, eggwash, beer, cheese and wonton skins. Cheese added. Cheese mixed in with a healthy splash...
  17. zzerru

    Russian sausage from bush pig

    What type of Russian sausage? I've never had any but would  be curious to know what seasonings went into it. If it was a bush pig did you add any extra fat? Has a nice rustic look.
  18. zzerru

    Whitefish and Lake Trout

    Someone had asked about this on another thread so I figured I would post it in the correct forum also. Brined the whitefish and trout and then hot smoked them over alder and a little oak. Been enjoying them with a proper pint or two of Keweenaw amber ale. out of the smoker. Trout...
  19. zzerru

    Apple Pork Loin

    Pulled a peice of loin out of the freezer yesterday, thawed it and dropped it in a brine of salt, brown sugar and my pickling spice (sorry I forgot to snap pics of the prep process). After 24 hours, took it out and popped it in the smoker with cherry at 275 degrees until it hit 140 degrees...
  20. zzerru


    I guess this could have gone in Lamb too, but I opted for Sausage for the heck of it. I'm not Scottish, but I do like haggis and generally do a Burn's Supper every year. This year, due to an unfortunate sudden need for back surgery, I missed it back on Jan. 25th. This weekend my parents were up...
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