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  1. hammer77

    Looking for a pellet smoker

    Thanks everyone, alot of good info here!
  2. hammer77

    Looking for a pellet smoker

    Hey everyone, hope you all are healthy and safe out there! Let me cut to the chase, I am looking to buy my first pellet smoker, this is something I've been going back and forth with for about 2 years. I've looked into 3 mainly over the time. I like Grilla Grills, Rec Tec, have looked into...
  3. hammer77

    Cutting Boards

    Thanks guys for the tip on the end grain boards. I like those!
  4. hammer77

    Cutting Boards

    I bought the sharpener right from Henckels when I got the set. It works great only 2-3 swipes in each slot, and they are very sharp. I will say that they do hold a sharp edge for awhile. The chef's knife gets the most abuse, and has only been sharpened a hand full of times in 3 years.
  5. hammer77

    Cutting Boards

    Thanks everyone, and thanks for the link John! I will read the link when I get home from work in the morning. I have a few poly boards, and leaning towards a good wood board. I just want to invest in something that will last. Sonny, I did look at the Michigan Butcher Block Co. offering and...
  6. hammer77

    Cutting Boards

    Anyone have a good recommendation on cutting boards? I bought myself a nice Zwilling J.A. Henckels knife set a few years ago, and lately have been thinking about getting a new board. I have been looking at some John Boos boards. Open to suggestions. Thanks Dave
  7. hammer77

    College Graduation Brisket

    That looks great, please show us a cut shot when you slice it up. Also congratulation to your daughter, I am sure you and the Mrs. are very proud!
  8. hammer77


    That looks great! Reminds me that I haven't did a loin in a long time. Thanks for sharing.
  9. hammer77


    Hi Lisa, Just wanted to share with you and anyone on the fence about getting a PRO350. Just got mine in Tuesday from you, very nicely packed and in great shape. Just used it for the first time, it is a beast! Very Happy! Thanks again it was a pleasure to do business with you! Dave.


  11. 20160818_094024_1471528181019_resized.jpg


  12. hammer77

    Hello Michigan

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I've been living out here for about 10 years, got tired of the city, plus found a great lady who I couldn't live without! Yea man Manchester is not far at all. Dave
  13. hammer77

    Hello Michigan

    Thanks for invite, just joined the group! I am in Adrian, Lenawee County. Formally of Wayne County right outside Metro Airport. Look forward to meeting more from The Mitt.
  14. hammer77

    Finally, our first tomatoes of the year......

    BLT's one of my all time favorites!
  15. hammer77


    Lisa, I called last week and left a message, I want to purchase a PRO350 and just wanted to go over what it came with and buy what I need in the near future. I understand I am in Michigan, as you are in California, what would be a good time to reach you? Or would emails work best for you? Time...
  16. hammer77

    Eggplant Beef Burgers with Peppers and Onions

    They look great! Thanks for sharing the idea. Dave
  17. hammer77

    Holy Grail cooking temp (New to smoking, please read)

    Thanks for the post SQWIBS, very informative! Dave
  18. hammer77

    How did I do so far?

    Thanks Sauced. I just want to do it more uniformed as far as the loops. I will admit by the picture in the smoker... that was a hot mess LOL. At the time of stuffing I wasn't thinking about the details.
  19. hammer77

    How did I do so far?

    Thanks Boykjo! On the next batch I just got to remember to make rings or loops, whatever there called, I learned what I said as linking was wrong. Also I put a nice piece on the grill Sunday indirect just to heat it up with the porterhouse I was grilling. I thought it was a little on the salty...
  20. hammer77

    Too Hot to Smoke——Sammy Time

    Looks great Bear, what movie did you watch?
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