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  1. taz6317

    Stack mod pics, Thanks Texas Hunter

    Found 'em, will be spendin money soon.
  2. taz6317

    Stack mod pics, Thanks Texas Hunter

    Hey NWS, cool convection plate. I have the same smoker as you do, did you get the convection plate from Brinkmann or somewhere else? Love to get one for my rig to replace the bent up oven liner I'm using for a baffle now.
  3. taz6317

    I've been CHALLENGED!!! (Help?!?)

    But in my experience, the heat REALLY kicks in when you STOP eating them. As long as you keep eatin', it's not bad. As soon as you take a breather the mouth starts to burning, and than you take a sip of beer or whatever and spread the hot stuff around. So I would say just soldier through the...
  4. taz6317

    Teams first comp!!!

    Good luck guys! I'll look for ya there tomorrow, only live about a mile away.
  5. taz6317

    New thermo yesterday- I love it

    Hey SmokieOkie etal, I just snagged three of these from Lowes for $9.99 each. (That's all they had or I'd have gotten more.) Can you use more than one at a time without them crosstalking? I mean does each remote somehow identify it's own base unit, or do they all use the same frequency...
  6. taz6317

    Homemade keg smoker

    That's just too cool, and you're in my neck of the woods, too! Makes me thirsty though......
  7. taz6317

    Pros and Cons on Brinkmann Cimaron Deluxe

    Hi Thumper! I bought the Cimmaron Deluxe from Bass Pro Shops last year for $550, thought I was getting a great deal. This was my first ever smoker, I've used hibachis and a Weber kettle for years, mostly grilling, but a little smoking in the Weber. I have only used the Cimmaron for smoking...
  8. taz6317

    going to buy a chainsaw- question

    Poulan, Stihl and Husky, do yourself a favor and stick with Stihl or Husky. I finally found the plastic case my Poulan should have come with........the Rubbermaid trashcan in my garage! Seriously, I think you'd be much better served with a used Stihl or Husky than a new Poulan. I bought an...
  9. taz6317

    Brinkmann Cimmaron Mods

    OK, not set-and-forget, but a lot less sit-and-worry-the-stuff-on-the-left-is-burning-open-it-up-move-things-around-lose-heat-repeat game. I'll get there.
  10. taz6317

    Thick White Smoke

    Yeah, LownSlow, I'll try that too. I've used the Minion method in my Weber kettle, maybe it will help the Brinkmann too. My rig is a similar set-up to yours, I believe. The stuff I'm turning out isn't bad, just think it can get better. And I get to eat my mistakes in the meantime.
  11. taz6317

    Brinkmann Cimmaron Mods

    Thanks Fatback, looks like I have some fabricating to do. This smoker still turns out some good grub, but with the uneven temps I'm opening it too much to move things around. Hoping to get it to just about the set-and-forget point.
  12. taz6317

    Thick White Smoke

    This is the Brinkmann Cimmaron smoker that I'm having problems with even temps in the cooking chamber (another thread). Fatback posted a link for some mods to try. I'll try adding the wood to the side (easier) or preburning it (probably more effective). Thanks everybody for the help...
  13. taz6317

    Thick White Smoke

    I use charcoal in a an offset horizontal. Using some non-finished flooring scraps (oak and hickory) for smoke. When I add them to the fire I get great volumes of white smoke as they begin burning (flaming). Any ideas how to reduce the flaming and dense smoke? Should I put them off to the...
  14. taz6317

    Brinkmann Cimmaron Mods

    Hi all, I use a Brinkmann Cimmaron and was wondering if anyone has experience with mods to this smoker to get a more even heat distribution. It's a side firebox horizontal, and this Saturday I pushed a grill surface thermometer from side to side to see what temps I was getting and what range...
  15. taz6317


    What's the difference between a dead lawyer in the road and a dead skunk in the road? There's skid marks in front of the skunk!
  16. taz6317

    Alzheimer's Or Parkinson's?

    The three best things about Alzheimer's are: You keep meeting new friends.... You can hide your own Easter eggs.... and
  17. taz6317

    Pigeon and Pizza

    Hi Debbie, What is this cast iron pan you referred to? Sounds like it might be a useful addition to my smokin toys collection...... Thanks! Jim
  18. taz6317

    Cherry and Oak moulding for smoke?

    As long as it's unfinished, go for it. My current stash of smoking wood is the cut-offs from an oak and hickory floor I laid last month (unfinished as well). I use it just for smoke. I use an offset (brinkmann Cimmarron) and use charcoal for heat.
  19. taz6317

    What's in your ABT's?

    Some crumbled up Fattie mixed in with chive cream cheese, wrap in bacon. MMMM, pork fat!
  20. taz6317

    Pepper Grinder Wanted

    Hey Bill! You may like something like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...069559?ie=UTF8 For under 20 bucks it works great, gives your wrist a rest
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