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  1. markk

    Is my LEM a LEMON???

    Sorry for your experience in dealing with LEM on a obvious manufacturing defect. I purchased a 15 pound Kitchener stuffer from Nothern Tools in 11/2011, it came with steel gears, black in color. In looking at the LEM, Grizzley and Northern Tools Suffers they all seem to be the same thing with...
  2. markk

    I can't keep my pellets lit

    Smokinfatman, I have the exact same problem with my new MES and the pellets, seems like I am always relighting it during a smoke. I am beginning to think the chip loader would be less trouble. I have tried all the tips I read in your thread with the same result as you seem to have had. I look...
  3. markk

    New Style MES Shocking!!!

    Update; Received the box in 7 days, packed up smoke and called MB to have them arrange shipping, was told things had changed and they only wanted the cord and data tag from the back. Sent that in and received a replacement smoker box. Swapped door over and the racks, started and burned off. So...
  4. markk

    New Style MES Shocking!!!

    All, Sorry for the delay in updating this thread, I was on vacation. I called Masterbuilt on Monday 9/16/2013 and explained my problem with the replacement smoker tripping the ground fault after it was at 275 F during the initial burn in. He started a new case number, asked no questions as to...
  5. markk

    New Style MES Shocking!!!

    40" Digital Model: 2072612
  6. markk

    New Style MES Shocking!!!

    Update; So after 4 weeks and 3 phone calls, including two of which the customer service rep was surprised I was asked to ship the entire smoker back, I received a new smoker via UPS. The box was somewhat beat up including two holes. I unpacked, inspected, assembled and started the initial burn...
  7. markk

    New Style MES Shocking!!!

    Dave, Good point, it looks like the wires to the burner come up from below in about the center and if I remember right there is a cover plate screw in the center bottom. I am lucky my brother in law lives close by and was willing to bring it over on his way to work. Other than that I am pretty...
  8. markk

    New Style MES Shocking!!!

    Dave, Agreed. I checked the ohmed the element to the case and got 33K ohms, pretty high resistance but I would have expected infinite. I took both of the covers off the back, one is the element connections and the other is either the high limit or the thermostat. Nothing out of the ordinary. So...
  9. markk

    New Style MES Shocking!!!

    I will do some investigating later this afternoon and post what I find and also the response from MB.
  10. markk

    New Style MES Shocking!!!

    Went out this morning to warm up smoker for some jerky and when I got the time and temperature programmed I noticed the display was blank and the GFI in my garage was tripped. Took the element cover off and took a look, everything looked OK, so I plugged it back in and same thing. So I figured I...
  11. markk

    Southern Colorado Smokehouse

    Well done!! Can't wait to see your first smoke.
  12. markk

    Casing Info

    Rick, Thanks for a very informative post, I really appreciate it.
  13. markk

    Been lurking long enough

    Welcome to the site.
  14. markk

    2012 MES 40 Now at Sam's

    Went to the Sam's here in Omaha list night and they had 7 of the new style Masterbuilt smokers, called my brother inlaw he went there this morning and got the last one. Helped him unpack and assemble looks like a nice design, too bad mine is still working.
  15. markk

    RE: Bearcarver's health

    Bearcarver, Wishing you a speedy recovery, you were a great help when I first joined the forum especially with information on the MES.
  16. markk

    Pork Loin w/ Q-View... not a promising start

    Keep us posted as you go along.
  17. markk

    MES Mailbox Mod! for use with AMNPS

    I like the idea. One question, do you have any problems starving the AMNPS for combustion air?
  18. markk

    This is what it is like for me when cooking on my pit.

    I know the tear was just smoke in my eyes. Very nice description.
  19. markk

    Smoking my biggest beef brisket for the game tomorrow

    Looks good! Go Huskers!!!
  20. markk

    July 4th Feast w/Q-View

    Very Nice!!!!
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