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  1. grogger27

    Any homemade wine makers out there?

    I did the balloon wine in a gallon jug when I was in high school. We got drunk, and I don't think I've been that sick since. You could gain the same results from drinking balloon wine as taking a mule kick to the head, a temporary state of euphoria followed by a week long headache. Now on the...
  2. grogger27

    Care and Feeding of a Northern Grinder - xx Pics QView - Good for Rookies

    This is a great post Princess. I tell folks I'm self trained, but in truth I'm trained by SMF and other sites. If it weren't for posts like these I'd be missing a finger and have a slightly used grinder for sale. Thanks
  3. grogger27

    Ham Eye?

    I found a web page and noticed it detailed the ham eye. Stircrazy Steve is right when he comes from the outside of the ham. Look to the bottom of the information on the pork cuts and it shows the ham eye. http://members.shaw.ca/masterbutcher/meat_cuts.html#PORK_CUTS_Detailed_Cuts Greg
  4. grogger27

    Canadian Bacon Cure?

    I haven't made CB in a while but I think my recipe was, 0.5 tbsp of Mortons tenderquick per pound 2 tbsp of brown sugar per pound Rub the dry mixture into pork loins and wrap it up and throw in the fridge for 7 days, flipping every day. At the end of 7 days, I pulled it out and washed it...
  5. grogger27

    Hi mountain BBB cure for a ham

    My friend Ken just recieved a pork leg for helping the neighbor and wants to brine it for ham. He asked me to find him a recipe. I found a few in Ryteks book, but then remembered having a box of BBB cure. Has anyone ever cured a ham with BBB cure from Hi Mountain?
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  7. grogger27

    Oriental Fatty

    Wow, that looks good. We did an oriental night at the lake last week end with a bunch of friends. I too did an oriental fattie. I used suey choy, bean sprouts, onions, celery, some dry small noodles and a healthy dose of oyster sauce. I got many compliments. Well done on your fattie.
  8. grogger27

    Price on Back Ribs

    I was pricing out back ribs today and the best I could get was the local pork meat plant. They kill 500-650 pigs a day and usually have great prices for pork ( but you have to buy in bulk). Today I ordered up a box of back ribs (net box weight is 6kgs or 13.2lbs) for $8.50/kg (I'm in Canada)...
  9. grogger27

    Sausage Starter Kit?

    I have the 5 pounder and I love it. Make sure to get the 1/2" metal tube as well. None of my plastic tubes were small enough for snack sticks, so I had to purchase a smaller one.
  10. grogger27

    May Long Weekend in Canada

    Well we celebrated the Victoria Day Long Weekend over the last three days up here in Canada. This was our traditional weekend where many of our friends take our trailers out for the first time of the year and make sure nothing has broke over winter. Incelebration we made some last minute...
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  16. grogger27

    muffin pan thighs, 10 times better than cupcakes

    Wow, what great looking food. Awesome smoke!!
  17. grogger27

    Chicken @ work w/ qview

    We had some co-workers transfered around recently and decided to have a get-together in their honor. We did 2 dozen chicken leg and thigh combos and 2 chunks of garlic sausage in the MES. Now I totally forgot to grab any qview until after we were done and the leftovers were put away. I know how...
  18. grogger27

    Smoked Chicken Thighs

    Excellent work. Real tasty looking.
  19. grogger27

    UDS question

    What size of ball valves do you use? I work at a small gas plant and the boss said if I'm need a few fittings to build a smoker, and some of the products from the smoker make it to work, he said he doesn't mind if some fittings go missing. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I will start...
  20. grogger27

    chicken dumpling soup w/qview

    Well done. I'm putting this on my to do list.
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