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  1. poopypuss

    Party size McRib, that's actually edible.

    I did some 3-2-1 St. Louis ribs, but went a little further. 3 hours at 250 bathed in a hickory/oak blend. 2 hours wrapped, at 250, with a splash of apple cider vinegar. Bones pulled, then sauced and wrapped for the last hour. I used a full Italian loaf. I had to add the sesame seeds to...
  2. poopypuss

    How would you cook this piece?

    I'd put some garlic in the roll, coat it heavily with coarse cracked be pepper, and throw it on the rotisserie until the juices ran pink.
  3. poopypuss

    What do you guys use to cook with your sv

    That's, yet unmade, gravy.
  4. poopypuss

    What do you guys use to cook with your sv

    I use an old 40 quart beer cooler that I took a 3 inch hole saw to the top for an insert for the heater, at my camper. At home, I picked up a 20 quart food grade pvc tub that I picked up at the restaurant supply store. Also being cheap, a modified file rack works great to segregate bags.
  5. poopypuss

    churros through a sausage stuffer

    Go figure... type "sausage stuffer" "churro" and "recipe" into Google and it leads to SMF. I know it's a little (over 10 years) late, but this may help.
  6. Beef Bacon

    Beef Bacon

  7. 17 - 2(4).jpg

    17 - 2(4).jpg

  8. 17 - 1.jpg

    17 - 1.jpg

  9. poopypuss

    Beef Bacon

    After some additional investigation, maybe real old school authentic Kosher-ish, pastrami may be in order as well. These things are twice the size of a hog belly.
  10. poopypuss

    Beef Bacon

    I just scored 3 whole beef navels, yes I'm proud of myself. Hopefully Bearcarver checks his PMs and we can hook up so he can take one off my hands so we can make the western Lehigh Valley smell like tallowy bacon goodness. Pictures of the bacon to follow.
  11. poopypuss

    Bacon SPAM

    Yes, that helped with the "jelly" as well.
  12. poopypuss

    Bacon SPAM

    It will meet some Saimin, and a plate lunch!
  13. poopypuss

    Bacon SPAM

    Cooling overnight makes a huge difference! There's the jelly! Frying is much better! And on square white bread, with generic salad dressing, it's like I'm 7 all over again. Only this time I chose to eat it, not because it's all there is to eat.
  14. 17 - 3(3).jpg

    17 - 3(3).jpg

  15. 17 - 1(9).jpg

    17 - 1(9).jpg

  16. 17 - 4(2).jpg

    17 - 4(2).jpg

  17. 17 - 2(3).jpg

    17 - 2(3).jpg

  18. poopypuss

    Bacon SPAM

    I got impatient! The tell tale goo is forming though! It's definitely going to have to sit, weighted down overnight. But, it's Spam... and even with all of the fat from the shoulder and bacon, it dry fries really well. I came out of the pan with no problem.. I still might smoke one...
  19. 17 - 3(2).jpg

    17 - 3(2).jpg

  20. 17 - 1(8).jpg

    17 - 1(8).jpg

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