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  1. grogger27

    Hi mountain BBB cure for a ham

    My friend Ken just recieved a pork leg for helping the neighbor and wants to brine it for ham. He asked me to find him a recipe. I found a few in Ryteks book, but then remembered having a box of BBB cure. Has anyone ever cured a ham with BBB cure from Hi Mountain?
  2. grogger27

    Price on Back Ribs

    I was pricing out back ribs today and the best I could get was the local pork meat plant. They kill 500-650 pigs a day and usually have great prices for pork ( but you have to buy in bulk). Today I ordered up a box of back ribs (net box weight is 6kgs or 13.2lbs) for $8.50/kg (I'm in Canada)...
  3. grogger27

    May Long Weekend in Canada

    Well we celebrated the Victoria Day Long Weekend over the last three days up here in Canada. This was our traditional weekend where many of our friends take our trailers out for the first time of the year and make sure nothing has broke over winter. Incelebration we made some last minute...
  4. grogger27

    Chicken @ work w/ qview

    We had some co-workers transfered around recently and decided to have a get-together in their honor. We did 2 dozen chicken leg and thigh combos and 2 chunks of garlic sausage in the MES. Now I totally forgot to grab any qview until after we were done and the leftovers were put away. I know how...
  5. grogger27

    UDS question

    I've got a question concerning how a UDS handles in less than spectacular weather. I used a ECB for the first time this weekend and spent more time building shelter than tending to the meat. It that cold out, and the wind wasn't that harsh. It was a fight to keep 220'F. I found out today that...
  6. grogger27

    Cross Rib Roasts on new-to-me ECB w/ Qview

    I inherited a slightly used ECB from a friend and decided to give it a try. I've never smoked with charcoal before but my MES is a well seasoned vet. I had some cross rib roasts that were fairly fatty so I thought I'd give them a try. Here they are all rubbed up and thown into some ziploks for...
  7. grogger27

    75 lbs of Bellies - Part 2 w/ qview.

    Well, Smoking Snow and myself got all 75lbs smoked, cut and wrapped without any serious injururies. Here's some pics All four Bradley Smokers stuffed full. Before the smoke. After the smoke. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Good Slicing Double Bagger!!! Evening Celebrations The next morning. Thanks to...
  8. grogger27

    75 lbs of Bellies

    My buddy Mark (Smoking Snow on this forum) and I just ordered 75 lbs of pork bellies for making bacon. We have some premixed cure but wish to try some new recipes found on this websight. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. grogger27

    Hog leg ideas?

    Hello all, A friend of mine recently aquired a farm fresh hog leg, what you would usually use for a ham. But I'm not sure he wants to cure it. Would any of you have any good ideas? Is there enough fat content usually to achieve a pulled pork like product? My only suggestion to him was to rub it...
  10. grogger27

    Christmas Turkeys

    Hi all, In the small town I live in, word has gotten around about my smoked turkeys. Now I've been asked to smoke up turkeys for some friends Christmas's. My only concern is what to charge. I offered to pick up the turkeys at the grocery store in town, brine them and smoke them. My wife figured...
  11. grogger27

    Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey Smoke

    Good day, eh!! It starting to freeze over night now, the leaves are falling and they're forecasting snow over night. Guess who's wife volunteered him to smoke turkeys for half the country side. I should actually say volun-told, not volunteered. Anyway, I need some help. I lost most of my notes...
  12. grogger27

    Smoking a Duck?

    Good day all, My buddy called me this weekend all excited he had been hunting at a friends place all weekend. Come home with a couple of whitetails, and a farm raised duck. I didn't ask how he got the duck, probably some late-night, rum-induced gambling went bad. But anyway he wants me to smoke...
  13. grogger27

    whole lotta heat and no smoke???

    Good day all, I recently tried using my MES to smoke some sausage. I heated the smoker up to around 200'F and added some pellets to the tray. I then continued to heat it up to create smoke but 2 hours went by and no smoke. I eventually gave up. We went over to a friends place and used his...
  14. grogger27

    Times and Temps for Turkey

    Some body help me. I'm trying to impress the in-laws with my new smoker. I offered to smoke a 8-10 lb turkey we got the other day. I'm planning on using my buddies brine recipe of canning salt, garlic, onions, bay leaves and apple. I don't know what temp or legnth of time I should use. How long...
  15. grogger27

    GOSM for sale in Canada??????

    Good Day eh! After getting rid of my old smoker and getting tired of trying to run my bbq as a smoker, I've been researching the web for something that would suit me best for now. I've come the conclusion that I'm impressed with the GOSM propane smoker. My newest obstacle comes in the form of...
  16. grogger27

    Greeting from Alberta, Canada

    Good day all, Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a self-employed 33 year old male, married, we have two daughters, 4 and 2 and an old trustworthy dog. I'm somewhat of an experienced beginner at smoking. My old boss smoked turkeys at Christmas for many of his customers as a year end "thanks...
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