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  1. wicheesy

    11lb Verticle Sausage Stuffer

    Check out the 5 lbs LEM stuffer @ One Stop Jerky Shop and they also have the 3/8" stuffing tube for making snack sticks. This is a perfect size if your doing smaller batches. If you want the 3/8" Tube for snack sticks you better find out if there is one available for the stuffer you find since...
  2. wicheesy

    3/8" Stuffing Tube

    Wow, that is some bad service for sure. Cancel the whole order unless they have something in particular you need from them and buy from someone else like One Stop Jerky Shop.
  3. wicheesy

    3/8" Stuffing Tube

    Sorry I double posted, remove this one if you can.
  4. wicheesy

    Newbie sausage smoker question...

    Correct me if I am wrong but if you are buying it in links (fresh sausage) and simply want to impart a smoke flavor you can smoke them at a low temp. but you must cook them on a grill or pan to the proper temp to kill the bugs like nepas mentioned. If you are wanting to eat them after smoking...
  5. wicheesy

    Cabela's 1hp Grinder

    The venison will only clog if you don't clean the deer meat up very good, I tend to cut all that nasty tasting sinew off anyway so no clogging from my Tasin grinder (1200 watts) at all. You might want to check out Weston grinders as well, they also have the jerky slicer, cuber attachments and...
  6. wicheesy

    3/8" Stuffing Tube

    Cancel the order at LEM and get it from One Stop Jerky Shop (same price), looks like they have it available since it isn't showing up in their out of stock product list. If still in question you can email them and they will reply back lightening fast which has been my experience with them.
  7. wicheesy

    Where to buy Morton's Tender Quick and size

    I think it was $5.99 the last time I bought it from them so they must have had a price increase, everything seems to be on the rise these days..Gees! Like i said, they are are close by (same state) and they shipped my orders the same or next day I order so an extra buck or two isn't going to...
  8. wicheesy

    Where to buy Morton's Tender Quick and size

    I get mine at One Stop Jerky Shop, I am starting to sound like a walking advertisement for these guys. They provided me with quick shipping, they have good prices and I support local companies in Wisconsin when I can. They have other cures for sausage and hams as well. Morton Tender Quick -...
  9. wicheesy

    Smoke and Summer Sausage

    I agree, it is best to start out light than too heavy with the smoke. I normally let the sausage dry for the first hour or two then apply the smoke. You get better penetration with your smoke this way. Trail and error is how the smokin' process goes since each smoker and cut of meat is different.
  10. wicheesy

    Sausage Making Equipment

    I would check out One Stop Jerky Shop as well. I got my 5 lbs stuffer from them this past year as well as a Tasin meat grinder a few years back from them. The grinder chews through venison as fast as I can put it down. It doesn't have any attachments available like jerky slicer or cuber which I...
  11. wicheesy

    3/8" Stuffing Tube

    I picked my 3/8" Stuffing tube up from One Stop Jerky Shop along with the 18mm collagen casing for making snack sticks. Everything worked great with no problems loading the casings onto the stuffing tube. I agree that the mixture needs to be wet so that it flows through the tube more easily so...
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