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  1. dish

    Smoked Burgers w/ Swiss Cheese Question

    So I decided to smoke some burgers for the wife and I yesterday.  Smoked em for 2 hrs @ 230*.  I use a mixture of KF Comp and RO Lump.  I had a bag of Mesquite wood chips that I've never tried so I gave them a go this time.  Well I wasn't happy with how the burgers came out.  They were well done...
  2. dish

    Smoked Rib Eye!

    So the wife was out of town hanging out with her friends so I decided to have a couple buds over for some smoked goodness and the NCAA tourney.  Seasoned these guys with some Lawry's, garlic powder and Kansas city style steak seasoning.  Got the smoker going to about 240*.  Smoked'em for 1 hour...
  3. dish

    Thanks for joining!

    Thanks to everyone so far that has joined the Wisconsin Members Group.  If any of you have friends, family or anybody you know please invite them to our group.  Also let's start seeing some qview. Thanks and happy smoking Brad
  4. dish

    Is it ok to throw unlit KF Comp mixed w/ RO Lump onto lit coals in SFB?

    I always use the minion method to start and need refuel about every hour.  Normally I light about half a chimney of KF Comp mixed with RO Lump and dump that over the existing coals.  My question is can I throw unlit KF Comp and RO Lump into the SFB or will this over smoke my food?  Any input can...
  5. dish

    Beer Can Chicken

    Smoked this chick today at 250* for 5 hours.  I used poultry seasoning and lemon rosemary inside and out.  Half can of Miller 64 with onion and minced garlic.  IT was 175* when I took it off.  Wife gave it 9 out of 10.  Great juicy flavor through it all.   
  6. dish

    Keeping temps up in the wind

    I've been having trouble with keeping my temps up around 225* with a slight breeze this year. I refill lit lump and briquettes about a half chimney every hour. With the FB damper wide open I dropped to 200* almost instantly. I did find that keeping the damper fully closed helped get me...
  7. dish

    Wisconsin Group

    If you live in Wisconsin and are member Smoking Meat Forums you should join this group that is just starting up.  The goal is to be able to share our smoking and grilling methods along with recipes, tips, ideas and mods.  Let's get this thing rolling!  ON WISCONSIN!!!
  8. dish

    Charcoal Tray as a baffle

    I own a King Griller Double Play made by Char Griller.  It is basically the same as the CG Duo.  I'm wondering how many people have had success using the charcoal tray as a baffle by flipping it over and hanging it in the Cooking chamber.  And by doing this is it necessary to lower the smoke...
  9. dish

    Hello from Madison, Wisconsin w/ a King Griller Double Play

    Does anyone out there own a King Griller Double Play with the side firebox?  It is made by Char Griller but seems that it is made with thicker steel.  It is very similar to the CG Duo in design.  It doesn't have the chimney extending out the top though.  I did make a chimney extension into the...
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