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  1. zzerru

    Buc-ees Butt

    Ahhh ok. Didn’t know that. I normally just use my own rub but figured I would start using up some of these commercial rubs that people give me.
  2. zzerru

    Buc-ees Butt

    Vernor’s is pretty unique. My wife swears by it when she’s got an upset stomach.
  3. zzerru

    Buc-ees Butt

    Vernor’s is a very “Michigan” thing. It’s a type of ginger ale. It’s great in a Boston cooler and worked well in this sauce, but I don’t usually drink it (I don’t drink soda much).
  4. zzerru

    I Made a "daveomak" Ham Using a Picnic Shoulder, a Loin, & a Boneless Butt.

    Would you be willing to share that handy spreadsheet?
  5. zzerru

    Buc-ees Butt

    My buddy in Texas sent me some Buc-ees BBQ rub to try so I slathered a butt with mustard and rubbed it up I smoked it over maple wood at 255 until IT was 170, then foiled it and added some Vernor’s for that Michigan twist. Made a finishing sauce out of the juices, Vernor’s and mustard All...
  6. zzerru

    Heritage bacon

    Wow, that’s really high! I don’t think I’d be going for it at that price either.
  7. zzerru

    Smoking cart and today’s cook

    Dang man, that’s a great looking cart and full smoker! You are going to be eating well!
  8. zzerru

    Hearty Maple Breakfast Sausage

    Hey Boykjo! I got my casings from Butcher Packer and didn’t have any issues. I hope that helps. http://www.butcher-packer.com/
  9. zzerru

    Heritage bacon

    Have you checked the local farmers market? Even if they don’t sell it there, there farmers usually all know each other and know who has what.
  10. zzerru

    Hearty Maple Breakfast Sausage

    Putting a little kick in it would be great! Though I don’t think my missus and little one would approve. Maybe next time I’ll make two batches...
  11. zzerru

    Hearty Maple Breakfast Sausage

    Sure, no problem! The amounts are now in the original post.
  12. zzerru

    Hearty Maple Breakfast Sausage

    Just got a hog processed and I needed to clear out some pork from the freezer, so I decided to make breakfast sausage. I still had some maple syrup left over from bacon making, so I used that to give it some sweetness. The seasonings laid out for 10lbs of sausage: 1 c Grade B maple syrup...
  13. zzerru

    Canadian Bacon Pops 6927 Brine Style (pics heavy)

    Wow, that looks great, man! You absolutely knocked it out of the park. Great post!
  14. zzerru

    Heritage bacon

    There needs to be a special class of mail just for bacon to help people get their fix :emoji_laughing:
  15. zzerru

    Heritage bacon

    Stubbs, it’s actually maple sugar. It looks like brown sugar, but instead of being from cane, it’s made from maple sap. It has a super strong maple flavor instead of just being sweet/caramelly like brown sugar. If you can’t get it around your area, I think Butcher Packer sells it. It’s awesome...
  16. zzerru

    Heritage bacon

    Since moving, I’ve now gotten regular access to awesome pork from heritage breeds raised on the farms around me. I got this particular pork from Mastodon Farms and it is head and shoulders above the sidepork I used to get from the supermarket. I hadn’t made bacon in a couple years but when I got...
  17. zzerru

    Return of the brisket

    Haven’t been around much for the last couple of years but decided to start smoking more and posting again. Here’s me getting my toes back in the water. 14.5lb packer with my rub on it. Ended up separating the point and flat to make it fit in the smoker a bit better. After 10 hours over...
  18. zzerru

    Messina Meats

    Wanted to throw a question out to Michiganders. Does anyone have any experience with Messina Meats in Shelby Township?
  19. zzerru

    First St Louis Ribs

    Looks good enough to eat! I'm munching on the same, for me baby backs don't come close.
  20. zzerru

    Machacado con huevos

    Will do a post showing a process for making carne seca (marinated, smoked/cooked, dried beef) but wanted to share a simple way I use it. Equal portions (I used about 1/2 cup of each): Tomato, onion, bell pepper -- chopped Carne seca -- rough chopped into bite size 1 tsp chili powder A dash...
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