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  1. thejester

    Pastrami From Corned Beef on the Smokin-It # 3

    This shot is gold.  Really get to see the amount of spices used.  Great job.
  2. thejester

    smoked onions

    I did have them setting in a foil bed, it went about 1/2 way up the onion.  I looked for the Bullion before I did this, but we apparently were out.  I believe that might have helped.  I will likely try this again (onions are cheap) and I will make sure: 1.  I have Vidalias (readily available in...
  3. thejester

    smoked onions

    Not sure why, but I have had it in my mind to smoke onions for quite sometime, but I had not gotten around to doing it until this weekend.  I picked up some large red onions.  I figured they would be sweet enough. I looked through this site trying to find what I could.  What I was reading made...
  4. thejester

    MES 20070910 briquet in chip tray

    Does anyone see a problem with putting a lit briquet in the chip tray to assure the wood chips smoke?  I suspect I could also add a briquet through the side loader too, with chips, everytime I load chips.  Happy to have someone point out the flaw in my plan.
  5. thejester

    30" MES smoker is not smoking, 20070910.

    Thanks, I will implement the changes today.
  6. thejester

    30" MES smoker is not smoking, 20070910.

    I too received a 20070910 for Christmas.  Unfortunately, it has the wrong chip tray. I have a large party that I am expected to smoke food at coming on December 31.  In the past, I have been basically non-existant at this party because up until now, I have used El Cheapo Brinkman.  I am hoping...
  7. thejester

    Xmas Gift For Myself

    Which electric are you considering?  I know this board has a large MES following, but I was thinking about the Smokin'-it. 
  8. thejester

    building my own smoker (what could go wrong?)

    Well, just a heads up, my idea did not work.  I was able to create smoke with no problem, but when it came to fitting the hotplate under my smoker, that was a no go. I thought that another problem might be creating enough heat if the hot plate cycled, so I decided to see if I could fit my hot...
  9. thejester

    building my own smoker (what could go wrong?)

    OK, I have been using a ECB for a few years now.  I have convinced myself that I would smoke more if it were not such a hands on experience.  A friend of mine recently picked up a Smokin-it electric smoker and he thinks it is fantastic.  So, looking to get the ease of an electric smoker, without...
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