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    Slicer recommendations appreciated

    Just my opinion, I would consider a chefs choice. I think I have a model 645. It has a serrated blade. I make a lot of jerky. I would have to guess I have sliced thousands of lbs of beef/deer on it without any issues. A couple more tips, lately I have been buying a case of eye round at Sam’s...
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    Any idea what this wood is?

    I have used the app plant snap to take a picture of different trees, leaves and I also have used it on the bark of trees. Give it a try if you can download apps on your phone. It isn’t correct 100% of the time. Most of the time it is spot on. Maybe give that a try.
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    Any idea what this wood is?

    I am by no means a expert, but it almost has a pink color in the middle that reminds me of maple, plus the pictures without bark, it looks like a worm hole that I have noticed in maple firewood before. I worked in cabinetry business for 25 years plus and I always liked to try and figure out wood...
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    Dehydrating jerky in dehydrator

    Try this Debbie P. I have been making jerky in a dehydrator for at least 25 years, I have never had 1 problem as long as you use a good jerky seasoning with cure. Just read this post, I know this is way behind. Let me tell you what I have found out, I have experimented with every kind of meat...
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    Christmas gift for you -- Inkbird Giveaway of Bluetooth bbq thermometer with 6 probes

    This would be a awesome product to add to my ever expanding smoking arsenal of tools.
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    binders for making jerky

    Here is a pic of some of the finished jerky.
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    binders for making jerky

    Just read this post, I know this is way behind. Let me tell you what I have found out, I have experimented with every kind of meat mixture you could possibly think of, from a little deer, beef, chicken, pork, turkey, from mixing all different quantities and I still couldn’t get it to stay...
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    Brisket find

    I was at the sams club in east York pa today, and they had 3 whole prime packer briskets that were huge, 17,18,20 lbs @ $3.48 lb. First time I have ever seen packers at sams. Walmart right beside Sam’s had a couple choice packer briskets around 13 lbs @ $2.98 lb. I might have to take a chance on...
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    Smoked Venison Dried Beef

    I had friends give me a bunch of deer meat and I just got done vacuum sealing dried deer. Very long process from start to finish, but it was well worth the time, I only did 6lbs to try, wish I would have done more. Awesome recipe, I can’t wait to share this with my friends. Thank you for the...
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    Ground beef jerky sticks

    I am new here, but I really enjoy the ideas that everyone comes up with on here. I have been trying to figure out ground meat jerky for at least 20 years, I tried mixing chicken,deer,pork,beef,turkey, to try to get a good sticky mixture. Let me tell you what I have found that works for me. I use...
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