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  1. jarhead

    Casing quality: Sausage Maker or Syracuse Casings

    "AND the casings could come from anywhere" Country of origin/manufacture is the United States in his listing. I think I will give them a try. I just hope he answers my PM about the larger sizes available. I can't use that size. Merry Christmas everybody!!!
  2. jarhead


    WD is Wedliny Domowe. This recipe is for Mettwurst - Braunschweiger.  I just switched to an Apple Computer and can't bring up some of my old recipes. If I remember right, this is very close. If you will PM you email I will add you to my Evernote recipe folder and you can check it out. That is...
  3. jarhead

    Leatherneck Roll Call.... All Branches Welcome!

    Welcome aboard Smoke-inator and ScoutDog. Thanks for your service.
  4. jarhead

    needing help on pricing maybe a few other things

    I would try to get it worded to make you a contract cook. Here, you don't need a permit for that. Stay away from using the word "Caterer". It might bite you.
  5. jarhead

    needing help on pricing maybe a few other things

    Nervous? LOL. I remember my first vend. I bet I checked stuff three or four times and had dreams of what could go wrong. In fact, I didn't get a wink of sleep the night before. Made for a very long day. Take a deep breath and do your Q the way you always do. You'll do just fine.
  6. jarhead

    Bradley digital and cold smoking

    Cure for melt through the grates cheese. http://www.amazenproducts.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=46  
  7. jarhead

    needing help on pricing maybe a few other things

    I go with 3 times the meat price. 1 pays for the meat. 1 pays for the rubs, fuel, misc and foil consumables. 1 pays for my labor and profit. Good luck.
  8. Temp


  9. jarhead


    Welcome aboard Crane1. I have used the charcoal holder off of my Weber 26 with chunks and it did a fair job. Need to foil the top so it don't catch on fire. I was smoking cheese on the second picture. or a #10 can with briquettes and lump Adjust the amount of charcoal for temp control.
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  13. SummerSausage03Small.jpg


  14. jarhead

    Can you make beef jerky out of Kobe Beef?

    My $20 Select EOR will taste better than your $200 Kobe EOR. Do you have a Gold Plated Jambo too?  
  15. jarhead

    Smoked Butter - From Scratch Q/view

    Very unique Mr T. I would have never thought of using anything other than a butter churn. I've had my share of turning that crank as a kid. Is the cream at room temp when you start? Do you let it clabber?
  16. jarhead

    DIY Wooden Cold Smoker

    Nice looking smoker. Can you tell us a bit more about it? Dimensions, etc. Like those racks too. What are they? As mentioned be very careful when you are cold smoking uncured meats. They will kill you.
  17. jarhead

    What meat is the best for jerky?

    Me too. Nothing like roadkill jerky. Yep, Eye of Round or London Broil for me.
  18. jarhead

    Leatherneck Roll Call.... All Branches Welcome!

    Welcome aboard FlyinLizard. Tell your son, thank you for his service with the finest. I'm guessing MCAS Iwakuni. Been too long since I've been there, but I loved every tour. MCAS Futenma, Okinawa, Japan sucks through.  
  19. jarhead


    Soy Protein Concentrate Can't help you on the socks. Never used em befor.
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