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    Butchers twine and high heat question

    my wife picked up a rib roast from safeway and the bones were cut off and tied back on. This will be my first time doing one of these. My question is will the sear box on my camp chef burn through the twine? It gets 900 degrees or so. My plan is to smoke it at 225 and once internal hits around...
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    2nd tri tip. Way better!!

    Did my first tri tip a couple months back and it turned out so so...I did it to rare and had to stick the individual slices back out on the sear box which then kind of over cooked them..it was good but I knew they could be better. Well we went to costco the other day to get a whole ribeye and i...
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    Quick brisket question

    I keep reading peoples post on brisket and seeing a lot of you are wrapping it in a towel and then dropping it in a cooler...I've kept them wrapped in paper or foil and put in the cooler but what's the purpose of a towel???
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    Elephant bombs

    Did some elephant bombs up for din tonight. This was my second time doing them and they are hit with my wife. We both love these. right when they went on. internal temp is good and ready for a slathering of bbq sauce. Here they are all sauced up. I added the sauce while they were on the...
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