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  1. hosstd

    brine stuff pork loin

    all rub getting ready to smoke the finish very good
  2. hosstd

    my first packer

    decided to try a whole brisket,so got me a small packer to smoke ,rub down  with my coffee rub ready for the smoke hollow  
  3. hosstd


    what does coffee add to a rub ?,sweet,bitter,ect?
  4. hosstd


    remove the point before smoking or after
  5. hosstd

    let us pray for the miners

    thats what i do work in the coal feilds building stacting tubes and water tanks have work at montcoal know massey very well did alot of work for them,and put put tanks up at the site,if any family on here i send my prayers
  6. hosstd

    smoke flavor

    does smoke flavor(the chemicals)stick to dry meat surface better or a moist surface better, i dont know if stick is the right word here,but i think u no what i mean,does water in water pan help with smoke flavor
  7. hosstd

    rib question

    i am planning on smoking spares monday with the recipe from smoke and spice,it calls for pineapple juice,lemon juice a little soy ,my question is how long before monday to start marinating, 12 hrs 24 ? i wouldnt think to start today because lokks to me alot of acid in the marinade might make it...
  8. hosstd

    brine chicken smoke with q view

    first chicken smoke on my smoke hollow,rub down and ready to go http:// smoke at 250 and took off smoker into the oven under the broiler for about 15 min here is out of oven and ready to eat,oh yea forgot to say i brine the drumsticks for about 8 hrs http://
  9. hosstd

    crisp skin

    i am about to smoke some drumsticks,and i here rubbery skin if not smoke at 325 plus,or take out 30 mins befor done and stick under the oven broiler to crisp up the skin,now my question is most likely a dumb 1,but could i put them under the broiler before the smoker to cook some fat out
  10. hosstd


    my first brisket on my smoke hollow i got for christmas,sorry no before pictrues,i was well am in a hurry,leaving for texas in the morning,trying to get things gather up http:// http://
  11. hosstd

    chuck roast with qview i think

    my first chuckie and my first qview hope this works , injected,rub down and ready to go on my new smoker http:// took to about 160 then put in a pan covered with foil and into the oven untill 200 http:// now if i can chew it ,got my new teeth yesterday lol
  12. hosstd

    smoke hollow

    i got a smoke hollow gaser for chirstmas,temps was to high, call the company,they r sending me a new regulator,has anybody got the new one yet,what r the lowest temps u get with it
  13. hosstd

    smoke hollow gas smoker

    i have noticeon here the high temps in the smoker and the needle valve mod ,i was wondering about the door ,does it seal good or is there mods for that too
  14. hosstd


    hello from eastern ky
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