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    Chimichurri Leg of Lamb

    Great job. Excellent plating!
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    Meat on a stick

    I think this is at least really close to what was being discussed. And I stand by my original statement:
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    Meat on a stick

    Had an interesting lunchroom conversation at work today. One of my employees was talking about some old-world Italian recipe that consisted of the organs from a young milk-fed goat that are chopped up into a meatball, skewered, wrapped in its intestines and grilled over an open flame. The...
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    Texas Cheesesteak Sammie W/ Adobo Seared Rib Eyes (W/ Lotsa Pics)

    My local store carries Fresh: They also have this in most Hispanic sections of the grocery store.
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    Infrared thermometer

    I've got a cheaper pocket one from harbor freight about10 yrs ago for $10. Think the high temp maxes around 400 on mine. If yours works even ½ decent...for $15 I see an upgrade in my future.
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    Old frozen steaks?

    Soups or stews, stir frys, cheesesteak, Poutine. Fine for anything you typically wouldn't waste ribeye on any other day. Quality may be diminished, trimming off the nasty fats and the off-color meat will still make for an awesome beef meal.
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    Beef, Other than Chuck, for shredded beef??

    Funny, I was thinking that cut while I was at work today. Specifically, any tough meat that you would need to braise or stew would work.
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    Smoked Pork Loin Braised With Bacon Jam (W / Pics)

    I don't know what you're talking about Robert, looks plenty delicious from here!
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    What do you use to clean carbon deposits from concrete floor?

    Do a web search for "bbq mat for deck." There are lots of options that are good for high heat.
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    Vacuum Sealer

    I do like my foodsaver but its an older discontinued model (maybe v3800?). I've heard they've gone downhill since but can't confirm. When it dies, I'll probably upgrade to one of the overpriced ones i mentioned earlier. I'm not familiar with the other brand other than Amazon reviews - which I...
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    Vacuum Sealer

    Cash back vs store credit for either? Have any disposable income? I've been eyeing the Vacmaster pro 350 ($297) and 380 ($378). Draw to the 380 is a 16" wide bag capacity if I wanted to do any packer cuts. Not sure if it's worth the extra $100+ to everyone though. Yes expensive either route...
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    Welding blanket size for Gravity by mb

    If its pouring rain or really windy, an easyup or a wind break will help more. Otherwise, any cheap welding blanket from harbor freight will help a little bit with insulation to the cooking chamber.
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    Beef, Other than Chuck, for shredded beef??

    Rump/bottom round. Peeled beef knuckle is another option. Could probably do a brisket too.
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    SV thaw/reheat pulled port time and temp question?

    SV is great for reheating without overcooking. Not quite proper SV, but I'll vacpac soup and freeze for camping. Reducees ice loads in the chest. Dinnertime is as easy as boiling water and dropping the bag in it for about a beers worth. Serving is as easy as a cutting the bag and pouring into a...
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    SV weights

    Hey, don't call me a dumbbell :emoji_wink:
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    I'm making more pickles. Who would believe that?!

    Not sure on bay leaves, but assume it should work. You can steep black tea like lipton or breakfast tea for about 30 min in your brine for some tannins too. I would be cautious with oak in that I don't know the soak times. I don't think you want your pickles tasting like your cutting board.
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    SV weights

    Great Idea. I have the same bag for thatand occasional fermentation weight support. Sometimes I vac seal a stainless steel spoon with the Item of its a short SV like veggies for 60-90 min. I feel differently about 10hr with salty or acidic, but those usually have sufficient weight to stay submerged.
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    New member here...

    Welcome from Nor-cal.
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    Need a new vacuum sealer

    Not sure what size you normally seal, but my next sealer will be a 16".
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    Heavy screwed up Vegan dish...

    Vegetarians can eat bacon, it's a SMF approved gateway protein.
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