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    Meat on a stick

    Had an interesting lunchroom conversation at work today. One of my employees was talking about some old-world Italian recipe that consisted of the organs from a young milk-fed goat that are chopped up into a meatball, skewered, wrapped in its intestines and grilled over an open flame. The...
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    Thai Curry Tuna burger

    Albacore Tuna burgers for dinner. Started yesterday morning with a couple of tuna loins. Thinly slice the whites of the onions saving the greens for garnish. Grate ginger and finely dice lemongrass Zest and juice two limes Add a heaping tablespoon of red curry paste and a splash of oil Mix...
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    Friendsmas 2019

    Every year someone of our friends like to gather for a Friendsgiving dinner close to Thanksgiving. Yes, it's sort of a made up gathering for us to enjoy great food and hang out. However this year's event was delayed due to Life, the universe and everything. The first availablity for everyone was...
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    Prime rib 2-ways

    Prime Rib two ways: oven roasted and smoked. 1st one completed on Christmas, second one completed last night for dinner with friends (FriendsMas?) Whatever itscalled isn't important right now. What is important, at least to me is the "why" and "how." First, the meat. Nothing extravagant, I...
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    Elf stew

    Elf-leg stew. Or frog legs just dropped into the etouffee. Gater tale already places. Sprinkling in some jumbo shrimp when I cut the heat. Probably no plate shot, tired, hungry and tired.
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    Sushi Night

    The last meal in my kitchen before redecorating for Christmas dinner. Wife loves all the fancy setup and decor, but I'm happy with the simple and understated setup. I like letting my food be the decor. Bright colors and the attractive display of our sushi party (2 guests, wife and I). Overkill...
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    Taste of Summer

    Craving a taste of summer after a few days this month of eating poorly and a few too many sweets and homebrews. Seared ahi over cucumber, tomato, greens. Dressing: cilantro, black pepper and lime juice.
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    Simple dinner: Grilled strip and veggies

    Relatively simple dinner: strip steak, sauteed onions, bells and shrooms and roasted brussels and parmesan. Pan and plate shot
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    New Toy - 1hp meat grinder

    Christmas morning already? Sure fees feels like it sitting on my living room floor opening my box that just arrived. I have a grinder already, and it works good enough. In fact, it actually meets all of my personal culinary needs. Kitchner #12 (reg$150, got on an Amazon flash for $111). So why...
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    Shrimp soup

    Was feeling under the weather yesterday as was Mrs. S-met. She threw together a quick soup to get us back on track while I was heading home from the office: Tofu, chicken pot stickers, ginger, lemongrass and garlic in a spicy chicken stock. Top with cilantro, green onions and a squeeze of lime.
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    I said STOP laughing

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    Cornish Game Hen dinner party

    Date is still tbd, but our friends are bugging Mr&Mrs S-met to host another adult only formal dinner party. We are thinking about doing a 3 course menu with the main being a cornish hen. We did our first run tonight, wild rice stuffed hen: Next run tentatively scheduled for next weekend with...
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    Grilled flank steak

    Simple dinner tonight. Need to shed afew pounds before fattening up next week. Besides, f-ing exhausted. One helluva week. Man am I glad tomorrow is Friday. Grilled flank steak on spring greens with truffled gnocchi, pancetta, chevre. Deconstructed view, haven't dressed the salad or added the...
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    Beef Ribs

    New (used) cookshack sm008 got its dry run last night and it's maiden voyage this morning on these beauties. 225 on the smoker with hickory and cherry. I'm still learning this electric smoking thing. There will be a surface probe for a few runs. Pulled @190 And the plate kept very simple...
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    Stuffed bells

    Stuffed bells with fresh bolognese sauce. Meat sauce and bells had the same grind, 50% tri-tip, 30% pork country ribs, 20% sirloin. Sauce made earlier this week for a lasagna, leftover sauce gets better with time anyway. I'll add a bonus shot of the lasagna. Bells cut in half and stuffed with...
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    New to me Cookshack smokette

    I have an opportunity for a very well priced Cookshack Smokette sm008. I'm going to look at it later this week. Owner sent me pics, it looks very well cared for. Any red-flags I should be wary of?
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    Pickling the Dragon

    Wipped up another batch of picked thai peppers. Salt, a few cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of a prior batch's liquid.
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    Fish head stew, smoked lingcod, opah, salmon milt, peppers and onions

    Salmon head stew for breakfast. Korean inspired kimchi stew. Some big chunks of opah trim included since I have a filet on the smoker. Filet of ling and opah on the smoker along with another section of milt (bro-in-law caught another chinook this week) and some peppers and onions for the...
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    Smoking salmon

    Miso glazed hot smoked salmon. Almond logs and cherry for flavor. Pulled @ 155
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    Miso glazed Chinook offal

    Miso glaze pan seared chinook heart, liver and milt served over bamboo steamed sticky rice. Another 1st for me. I like liver and heart, but never had fish liver or heart. First run for milt. Salmon heart was fishy, liver was like a good goose or duck liver. To my surprise, the milt was really...
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