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  1. mdmucf

    Buffalo/garlic Parmesan wings

    Doing wings on the green egg for the first time. Injected with frank’s red hot buffalo wing sauce, have them going at about 250 with some hickory and cherry wood chunks for good measure. Going to toss them in garlic Parmesan sauce at the end. Picture below is when I just put them on the egg.
  2. mdmucf

    1st big brisket

    My 1st big brisket (10 pounder) is on the smoker. I have a masterbilt gas smoker with hickory chunks in at 225 going this morning. Put it on about 6:25. Rubbed with meat church holy bbq rub. Will post throughout the day. Fingers crossed.
  3. mdmucf

    Bone in Pork Loin

    Hey guys. I bought about a 6 pound bone in pork loin I am looking to throw on the smoker tomorrow. If I am running around 250 for my temp, what time frame should I be looking at for it. Never done one of these and looking forward to trying it. Promise to post pics.
  4. mdmucf

    2 briskets

    So I bought a 15 pound brisket from Costco, trimmed it and cut it into 3 sections about equal weight. Had family coming in so did the flat and the packer end. The flat came out a little dry but great flavor. The packer end came out perfect! I have read a million posts about the fat and the...
  5. mdmucf

    Third cook this week

    I swear I’m not going to post every cook but I did my third cook and did 2 briskets on the large egg. One flat which was about 4 1/2 pounds and one packer section about the same size. I bought a 15 pounder at Costco, trimmed it and cut it into thirds for our family of 4. The flat section...
  6. mdmucf

    Second cook on the egg

    So I am just doing my second cook on a large egg but my first high heat steaks. Got some New York strips from Costco seasoned with smoked salt and black pepper.
  7. mdmucf

    New to the Big Green Egg

    I just got a large big green egg yesterday and did baby back ribs on it for my first cook today. Did if for 6 hours about 240-250 degrees for most of the cook and it came out pretty well for my first time.
  8. mdmucf

    Lithia/Tampa/Brandon - Weber 18” bullet smoker with Cajun bandit door

    $135 - Weber 18” bullet smoker with Cajun bandit door and fan to help regulate temperature during smoking. All in good shape and well maintained. Even have a little bit of wood chunks for smoking left that will be thrown in.
  9. mdmucf

    Too smoky flavor

    So I have used my Weber 18 a few times now - chicken wings, baby back ribs and a turkey breast. All 3 of them came out okay but the flavor had a little too much smoke compared to when I cooked on a propane smoker. I am using a charcoal starter and then putting wood into the pan with the...
  10. mdmucf

    First time on charcoal

    So my Masterbilt propane smoker has started on its last legs, I just bought an 18” Weber smoker from my neighbor in great condition. I am going to be doing my first charcoal smoke tomorrow with about a 6 1/2 pound turkey breast. I am excited and anxious to try the charcoal smoker. I have a...
  11. mdmucf

    First brisket - help

    So I have a master built jams gas vertical smoker that I have had for the past 4 Years. I love brisket but have always been leery of trying it for fear of screwing it up. Our local butcher had it on sale this weekend and I thought it’s time to conquer it but not wanting to spend a ton of...
  12. mdmucf

    New smoker in Florida

    I just got my first smoker a little over a week ago on my 38th birthday. I am new to this but eager to dive in. Christmas Day saw my first smoking experience with scarbelly wings come out successful. Since then I have done some burgers which came out ok and another round of wings which were...
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