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  1. clifish

    adding PID to an older Smokey Hollow

    I know PID have numerous threads here and I have looked into a bunch of them. My questions is I have a Smokey Hollow below with a rheostat type of controller. Could I add the inkbird controller listed below, plug the cord from the smoker (I imagine keeping the rheostat set to max) into the...
  2. clifish

    Anyone cook Coulotte Steak

    I was at Restaurant depot looking over some meat and the guy there recommend this, I never heard of it but he raved about it. At $4.00/lb is was worth a shot. It seems to be the top of the sirloin cut? Anyone have experience on what to do with it? smoke, hot and fast other prep and...
  3. clifish

    More Tri-Tips just showed up

    Just had these show up from my friend "imported" from the Santa Barbara, CA Costco to me here in NY. Can't get these here, she is a flight attendant to a very wealthy man with his own huge jet so plenty of room to store these for me. Two of them are now rubbed with Jeff's Texas rub and the...
  4. clifish

    Good BBQ place in NC

    So I am doing the rounds down south for college tours for my daughter. Drove down from NY and hit Towson in MD, Coastal Carolina in SC and now seeing tomorrow East Carolina in NC. Tonight we stopped into Sam Jones BBQ in Winterville, NC. Ribs, beans and chopped pork we very good as was the...
  5. clifish

    Butchering my first belly...is it me? My knives? both?

    what a disaster...The grocer butcher either did not understand me or was not doing the day before the 4th but he left the skin on. Now I have very limited knowledge on this, my knives suck and I did not partially freeze it first. I literally had 50% fat/skin that went into the garbage...
  6. clifish

    Help me choose a proper tri-tip

    I am in NY where tri-tip is unheard of, I have a friend in CA now (private flight attendant) and she will be going to costco where there are 2 choices - trimmed for $7.99 per lb or untrimmed for $5.99? What would you go for and size...the couple there now were about 5.5lbs untrimmed and then...
  7. clifish

    post up your really Spicy ABT smokes

    OK, I did my first ABT's today and it went over incredible. I used regular sweet peppers and jalapenos, stuffed with cream cheese, onion, garlic, jack, cheddar cheese and bacon on top. The jalapenos were not very hot...at least for me (asbestos stomach) what about doing this with habanero...
  8. clifish

    Acrid, bitter taste results.

    Howdy all, I have a 30" smoky hollow electric smoker and have smoked, turkey breast, fatties and yesterday bacon wrapped filet mignons. The turkey and filets had an acrid bite to them, not nearly as bad on the fatty. I am using the Amps 5 x 8 tray with either Todd's competition blend or camp...
  9. clifish

    Rec tec 680 as only grill in the house?

    Have a chance at getting a rec tec 680 for sub $500, If you did not have a standard LP grill would you use this as your only grill for steaks, burgers and the like? I already have a smoker and this grill will not be used regularly as it will be in an out of state vacation house.
  10. clifish

    Thanks Todd, on my door step this AM.

    Woke up to this on my porch this fine Saturday morning. Really fast ship from order date on Wednesday MN to NY. Can't wait to use it for a bunch of things including smoking some home made fresh Mozzarella!.
  11. clifish

    Traeger 22 pro series

    I found one of these for sale, 1 year old for $350 asking...if you did not have a pellet grill and were considering it would you jump on it or spend some more on something else? I have a standard natural gas grill and recently picked up a masterbuilt propane smoker that I am having fun with. I...
  12. clifish

    Howdy From Long Island NY

    Just picked up a Masterbuilt GS30 propane vertical smoker on CL.. I know, not top notch by any means but it was cheap and something to get my "feet wet" in smoking. First day I smoked a 5.5lb turkey breast with some hickory chips I had on hand. I soaked them in a water and bourbon mix and...
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