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  1. Lap

    40 pound shoulder smoke

    Doing my biggest smoke today so I can fill up our freezer for the winter. 3 picnic roasts and 1 butt; 10 pounds each. Trimmed them all down and removed the skin from the picnics. First time doing that and wasn’t too bad. Gave me much more surface area for rub. Used yellow mustard as a binder...
  2. Lap

    First Smoked Turkey

    Hey smoking peeps! I'd like to smoke my first turkey for thanksgiving at my Dad's this year. Beyond trying to figure out which method to use (wet brine/dry brine/spatchcock/etc), I'm wondering if I should smoke it the day before and reheat at my dad's or just smoke it the day of and transport...
  3. Lap

    My first WSM cook tomorrow morning; pork shoulders

    Scored a used WSM a couple weeks ago and am finally getting around to my first cook on it. Bought two, 10 pound pork picnic shoulders on sale at the local supermarket. I wanted boston butts, but couldn't find them at any of my local supermarkets. I asked the butchers at the supermarkets and they...
  4. Lap

    seeking thermoworks promo codes

    Anyone have a promo code I can use on thermoworks.com?
  5. Lap

    My first WSM!

    In the short time I’ve been smoking meat, I’ve been doing it on a Weber kettle. I really wanted a WSM, but didn’t want to drop $450 on a new one. My brother in law got his used WSM for half the price of a new one and I wanted to do the same and save a few bucks. I gave up looking for a used...
  6. Lap

    My second (ever) smoke

    After getting my a$$ handed to me on my first smoke, I reached out to some folks for help and things went much better the second time around. Smoked ribs again on my Weber kettle using the snake method and I was able to get much better temps this time. It seems I messed up the snake method...
  7. Lap

    My first smoke (ever) in a word; difficult

    Smoked my first piece of meat ever last week for the wife's birthday and got my ass handed to me. Spent countless hours studying here, the net and YouTube. Made my own rub from a recipe I found here and tried smoking 2 racks of ribs on my new Weber kettle, using the snake method and 3-2-1. I...
  8. Lap

    Hi from Bucks County

    New member from philly burbs (Holland, 18966). Been reading up on smoking on this forum, watching YouTube vids and reading Jeff Phillip’s e-course I found here. Looking for a used 22 WSM, but no luck so far. Checked craigslist, eBay and Facebook market. Excited to find one and get started. Andy
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