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  1. HowlingDog

    Time for more bacon

    Went to Costco and picked up two pork bellies for a new batch of bacon: 15 total pounds of bacon. I poured in a little bourbon barrel aged maple syrup for some added flavor. Today is Day 1 of 18 for curing/aging. Gonna be a long month.
  2. HowlingDog

    Beef, Other than Chuck, for shredded beef??

    Thanks Everyone for all your comments. I did indeed throw a chuck into the crockpot today. Here is what I started with: Left it in for 6.5 hours and I was really really pleased with the results (compared to previous attempts) I cleaned it up after resting, removing all the icky stuff and...
  3. HowlingDog


    Congrats on the new pup. Pro Dog!! Take lots of pictures as they grow up fast. Gotta love our animal companions!!!
  4. HowlingDog

    Beef, Other than Chuck, for shredded beef??

    Thanks All. Went to the local Smart/Final and the in house butcher pointed out a lean looking center cut chuck and said it was ideal for pulling/shredding. I am going to test it out tomorrow and see if a better cut of chuck will yield results for me! I am taking the easy way out on this...
  5. HowlingDog

    Beef, Other than Chuck, for shredded beef??

    Thanks. I have been doing more searching and almost universally everyone recommends chucks. Maybe I need to find another store other than Ralphs/Kroeger for chucks. There is a Smart/Final close by I think I will mosey to tomorrow.
  6. HowlingDog

    Beef, Other than Chuck, for shredded beef??

    Thx S-met!
  7. HowlingDog

    Question about cutting wood chunks for WSM

    I have used my 12" Craftsman miter/chop saw quite a bit to cut splits into chunks for the WSM with no problem. Now, the LAST cut is always a bit nerve wracking unless you have a clamp or something holding it in place. Fingers close to the blade is a no no!!
  8. HowlingDog

    Dog Food Tue 1/7/2020

    Thank you. I follow Dog Food Adviser to make sure food for doggies is safe, and I refer folks there as well. Great information, Thanks.
  9. HowlingDog

    Beef, Other than Chuck, for shredded beef??

    Happy New Year All!! I am not a big fan of chuck roasts and I am wanting to try shredded beef again. The chucks I have tried tend to have a fair amount of gristle and stringy stuff through out, and I have not been pleased with the shred. If you had to pick one or two other meats to try for...
  10. HowlingDog

    Hello everyone

    Welcome and you have come to the right place. Many experienced builders here that can advise and provide suggestions. Check out the Smoker Builds section for ideas and tips, and don't forget to post pics so we can all follow your build!
  11. HowlingDog

    Getting Ready to Smoke Some Bacon: Bacon Done!!

    So I smoked my pork belly after 17 days of aging and 24 hours of resting. Getting things ready IMG_0460 by HowlingDog posted Jul 31, 2019 at 1:19 PM Trying the snake charcoal basket I made IMG_0462 by HowlingDog posted Jul 31, 2019 at 1:19 PM Bacon In IMG_0468 by HowlingDog posted Jul 31...
  12. HowlingDog

    How to better move heat through my smoker

    Although it is a vertical, here are the plates in my smoker12 24 10 041 by HowlingDog posted Jul 29, 2019 at 11:19 AM Even in the short space I have, they do even out the heat distribution....
  13. HowlingDog

    How to keep ribs warm before serving

    Try wrapping in foil, then in a couple towels and place in an empty cooler/ice chest.
  14. HowlingDog

    How to better move heat through my smoker

    There the pictures are, Thanks. On the fire box, what do the air inlets look like? Looks like it should draft well. Have you tried tuning plates all along the pit, not just the one near the firebox? What is the temp near the box, and on the opposite side?
  15. HowlingDog

    How to better move heat through my smoker

    The picture is not showing up for me. Could repost the picture or try a different one?
  16. HowlingDog

    Using Heat Gun for smoking

    Love the Tube!! I just got about 25 pounds of pellets off the website! Getting ready to do some bacon so I had to stock up!
  17. HowlingDog

    Getting Ready to Smoke Some Bacon: Bacon Done!!

    I have been hot smoking my bacon. It has been in the high 90's here (So Cal) this week so cold smoking isnt an option. I have been pleased with bacon on about 4 hours running about 140 - 170. As I get more experience, I will extend the time time and lower the temp. The folks I like to share...
  18. HowlingDog

    Using Heat Gun for smoking

    When I bought my A MAZE N tube, I had a hard time learning to light it. I ended up using a Weber charcoal lighting cube and a heat gun (Porter Cable off Amazon). The cube lights the pellets and then I will use the heat gun and aim at the pellets. After about 90 seconds, it is ready to go...
  19. HowlingDog

    Smoked Turkey Breast

    Oh man that looks good. Get a nice sourdough bread and Oh what a sandwich!!! I just don't understand why turkeys are so hard to find all year except around Thanksgiving, at least where I am. Nice job on the smoke.
  20. HowlingDog

    First Vacuum Sealed Pulled Beef From Chuck

    Got a nice bark on it. Good job. Love my Foodsaver, but I am finding that food does not stay around long enough. After about a week or two, I think HAY, I have smoked meat in the freezer, and it is suddenly on the dinner table.
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