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  1. buzzy

    Pellets to sawdust?

    With all the talk of sawdust better for smoking cheese , stays lit better than pellets. I was wondering if anybody had a tried & true method of misting pellets with water to break them down to what they were. (Sawdust) Then dry them out to use. All thought & opinion appreciated.
  2. buzzy

    Aging wood?

    How do you all age wood. By time cut or by cracks in wood showing it’s dry. Just cut chucks from a hickory tree cut down 6-7 months ago an still looks green. Want to use but don’t think it’s dry enough. All thought are appreciated.
  3. buzzy

    LEM 20% off

    lem has a 20% off on highest priced item today. Use promo want19.
  4. buzzy

    Uncured bacon

    I bought some uncured bacon that has celery juice for preservative. Want to use for pork roll. Do I consider that cure an add cure #1 for the fresh pork I use or add cure for the whole batch? Making 10# total.
  5. buzzy

    Pulled chicken question

    Need to make 5# of pulled chicken. Is my math right that 10# of bone in skin on thighs will yield 5# of meat? Want to get this right the first time around. Thanks to all replies.
  6. buzzy

    Smoked pig stomach

    For those of u that have had this sausage,potatoes,& cabbage stuffed for a feast how would u suggest smoking one. Last time I tried this didn’t turn out well. Should I put in pan with some water an slow smoke or high heat. Looking for thought & suggestion.
  7. buzzy

    Canned beans

    Picked 15# of green & 15# of yellow beans. Made 24 1# quarts. Saves freezer room & handy for a quick meal.
  8. buzzy

    Hot pepper mustard

    Made 8 pints. This stuff is bangin with bologna or cheese
  9. buzzy

    Just yardbird

    Smoking one up to make smoked chicken salad so don’t have to cook inside. Bangin stuff
  10. buzzy


    Starting to get a few. Should start getting big batches by weeks end. Mmmm grilled asparagus
  11. buzzy

    Grinder stones?

    I see sausage maker is selling stones to put on auger in the housing to sharpen knife or plate. Anybody use these or have thoughts? Wouldn’t fine wet sandpaper on a piece of glass do just as good a job for a fraction of the cost? Just need more elbow grease. Thanks in advance.
  12. buzzy

    Easy made souse

    Made souse from the pigs we butchered 2 weeks ago. The recipe says pigs feet but as u can tell it’s the hocks with the ankle & the front knee & ankle. U need the joints to make the jell. I doubled the recipe because of having 4 2 pigs feet 2 1/2 c vinegar 1 c water 1 Tbs coarse pepper 1 tsp...
  13. buzzy

    Maverick xr50. :(

    Got this for Christmas. Got out yesterday for first time to mess with & check temps accuracy. Was plan on using on 56# batch of deer bologna. Put provided batteries in. Both came on but couldn’t turn off transmitter & the receiver wouldn’t turn on after being shutdown. Email sent to CS. Waiting...
  14. buzzy

    First pork loin jerky

    Doing this in my Smoke Hollow for first time. Always made my beef jerky in a old gas stove in garage but it finally became unreliable. Would run temp in it around 170. Marinaded pork for 24 hrs. Rinsed off. Then put on racks in frig overnight. Plan on 180 for first hr. Drop to 160 an put AMNTS...
  15. buzzy

    The things we do!

    Set this up this morning to help keep me a little drier. Have my gasser inside the smoke shack. I have wind problems a lot. It’s to rain heavy here today. Getting soft at my age or maybe a little wiser. Just smoking a few apps for tonight so no big hurry
  16. buzzy

    Sauerkraut Balls

    These r a big hit around here 8 oz pork sausage. (I use smoked sausage that I had) 1/4 c fine chopped onions 14 oz drained kraut (chopped fine 2 Tbs dry bread crumbs 1 pkg softened cream cheese 8 oz 2 Tbs parsley 1 tsp yellow mustard 1/4 tsp garlic salt 1/4 tsp pepper 1/4 c flour 2 beat...
  17. buzzy

    Tubed natural hog casings

    Does anybody have first hand experience using these. Sure sounds like they would be a time saver & help with the hassle of untangling u have to deal with sometimes. My question is can leftovers be refrigerated for use later? Can u get all the salt off being on that plastic sleeve? They say to...
  18. buzzy

    Last day

    Last day for free shipping over $25 at The Sausage Maker. https://www.sausagemaker.com/Holiday-Gift-Guide-s/2180.htm
  19. buzzy

    FYI Gassers

    So on Thanksgiving my Smoke Hollow decided not to work properly. It would only go to 225 on high. Then when I put turkey in it crashed to 195 an took forever to re coop. Thought it might be regulator since its 11 yrs old. Today had time to look at it. Took apart hoses & valve. Found a cobweb in...
  20. buzzy

    New regulator

    Picked this up today at a Amish propane store. Seemed like good price plus built in needle valve. Hope this fixes my low temp problem. Resetting regulator didn’t work.
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