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  1. Norwester55

    Smoke And Gateway Sale 30-50% Off

    30% off on the Smoke and 50% off on the Gateway. That's the best sale I've seen on the Smoke since I got mine at 25% off. For half price I snagged a Gateway because I'm a gadgetaholic. https://www.thermoworks.com/
  2. Norwester55

    Extremely Tough And Dry!

    Not sure what happened, I even had a can of water in there for moisture! Haven't tasted them yet, can't even slice them. ;) Heatsinks for autotuning my PID. After procrastinating about it for almost a year I finally got it hooked up yesterday and autotuned tonight. I bypassed the controller...
  3. Norwester55

    20 lbs Of Brats

    Pork butts were on sale the other day so I snagged a few. After de-boning and grinding I ended up with almost 20 lbs worth so I topped it off with some trimmings from the freezer. I used this recipe...
  4. Norwester55

    Mini Fridge On Sale

    I think I may pick one of these up for brining/curing. I'll measure 1st because its not very deep (or wide) but the Rubbermaid containers I use for brining pork loins/bacon are pretty skinny. It doesn't have the mostly useless freezer at the top either...
  5. Norwester55

    Amazon Links & Firefox

    Myself and at least a few other forum members can't see Amazon links while using Firefox. I've looked thru my forum/Firefox preferences and options, disabled Adblocker etc and still can't find the problem. They show up if using Edge. eta Its not the upgrade, its been this way for awhile.
  6. Norwester55

    amazon link

  7. Norwester55

    Tis The Season

    Finally cooled down a bit so I could get started smoking cheese. The local Waremart had Tillamook medium cheddar on sale this summer for $3.98 a 2# block so of course I ended up with 20 lbs! :) I smoked 6 lbs the other night, 6 lbs last night, and I'll do another 6 tonight and then I can move on...
  8. Norwester55

    Ninja Ultra Prep Food Processor $36

    A good buy on a food processor if you don't have a spare arm and a leg to spend on one. I just got mine today and have only grated some cheese and made bean dip with it but it seems fairly well made for the price and gets good reviews. Normally $79 and the Amazon page says its $43.15. But if you...
  9. Norwester55

    1st Sausage A Success So Far

    I picked up 18-19 lbs of chicken thighs on sale earlier this week , deboned ended up with a tad under 15 lbs. I decided that @tropics chicken Italian sausage would be the way to go. Used McCormicks Italian seasoning (4 tbs) because I keep forgetting to order marjoram and they want an arm and a...
  10. Norwester55

    Amazon Links & Firefox

    Anybody else unable to open Amazon links with Firefox browser? I can see an "a" like in Chilerelleno's post below but can't open by clicking on it. I checked using Edge and it opened. Just wondering if there's a problem with Firefox. Running the latest version on PC. If its not just me I'll...
  11. Norwester55

    New Air Fryer

    I had a small (3.2 qt) one that bit the dust a few weeks ago so I started searching for an larger oven type that would fit the limited space I have. I like the ones that SmokinAl and Bear have but I'm just cooking for myself and I didn't want to have to drag it out of the storage room every time...
  12. Norwester55

    Jarlsberg Wedges On Sale

    At Costco thru 5/12. $4.30 off per wedge. Too warm to smoke cheese here now unless I want to start at 4am but I'm going to stock up on it. Because you can never have too much cheese!
  13. Norwester55

    Coffee Rubbed Shoulder

    I use Joe Carroll's "Fette Sau" coffee rub on beef quite a bit and was wondering how it'd be on pork. I had a 7 1/2 lb pork shoulder in the freezer and decided to give it a try. Thawed and rubbed yesterday and smoked it about 5 hrs today over pecan at 250. Pulled at 200* and let it rest for 15...
  14. Norwester55

    SOLD 36 inch Smoke Hollow Propane Smoker, Salem OR SOLD

    Works fine, I seasoned it, made 1 batch of jerky and then switched to an electric smoker. Stored inside. $100 gets you the smoker, a new $25 mailbox (for the mailbox mod) and a new $12 Bayou Classic needle valve. $75 for the smoker itself. Moving and don't want to take it with me. I'm in Monmouth.
  15. Norwester55

    We Already Knew This

    Didn't we? Brisket is a health food. eta I just noticed the article is a couple years old. "Ground beef produced from the brisket contains high levels of oleic acid, which increases levels of HDL or good cholesterol in humans, Smith told beef producers at the recent 62nd Texas A&M Beef Cattle...
  16. Norwester55

    A Cart For The Smokin-It

    I picked this up from the Amazon Warehouse for $75, normally $100. It was a "used, in very good shape" return. Of course it was after I ordered and it was too late to cancel that I started sweating. "I wonder how many very important parts are going to be missing?" Luckily it looked like it...
  17. Norwester55

    Double Smoked

    I decided to try a wet cure so I soaked 10 lbs of belly for 15 days and cold smoked it last night. It was good but I didn't really like the texture and lack of firmness. I decided to hot smoke it tonite. I ran the smoker at 175* and brought the internal temp up to 145 and pulled it. Much better...
  18. Norwester55

    1 st Cold Smoked Cheese In Smokin-It #1

    Smoked for 3 hrs with pecan dust. I think the darkish end on 1 of the pepper jacks was right above the AMNPS tray. I had a piece of cheddar on another tray do the same thing next tray up. It tastes good though! I know it'll be better in a week, that is if there's any left. :) I had the dust tray...
  19. Norwester55

    First Smoke In The Smokin-it #1

    It finally arrived yesterday after it bounced around the Chicago 'burbs for 5 days and then it only took 3 more days to get to central Oregon. Thanks fedex! Seasoned it last night and today finally got to smoke the 5 lb pork loin that'd been in the cure (pops) since Nov 18. Was really happy...
  20. Norwester55

    Newbie From Oregon

    I've been lurking here for quite awhile and just decided to open an account. Oops, I already had one. :) I've been propane smoking for years and I'll have a Smokin-it #1 here in the next week or so.
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