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  1. bvbull200

    The Absurd Burger (or whatever we end up calling this thing)

    Mega pic dump time. I've been wanting to make a mega-burger for a while and finally got the time and energy to do so. The basic idea was to take a loaf of bread otherwise baked for a bread-bowl, turn it in to a bun, then make a burger to fit it. With that, here goes nothing! Started with...
  2. bvbull200

    Beef Shoulder Clod - French Dip Sandwiches (Pic Heavy!)

    Took my first swing at beef shoulder clod this weekend with French Dip Sandwiches in mind. I WILL be doing more of this cut. Here is a rundown of the cook - pics included. Beef shoulder clod - just shy of 17 lbs. Trimmed off less than a pound: Rubbed with what might end up being the next...
  3. bvbull200

    Pork Belly Braid

    I have to thank @wbf610 , whom I know well through an automotive forum, for making this suggestion on what to do with some leftover pork belly. I think he got the idea from here in the first place! At any rate, I had about half of a pork belly left from a cook the day before. I took half of...
  4. bvbull200

    At the Crossroads of Smoking and Whiskey - Bourbonites Unite!

    A couple of weeks ago, I started a thread asking questions about my first smoke that was coming up.  The conversation spawned a wonderful tangent about whiskey.  How to use it for injections, what are favorites for sipping, best values, etc.... It was a great blend of two topics that I enjoy...
  5. bvbull200

    First smoke coming up this weekend. Suggestions requested.

    I plan on trying out my freshly restored/modded Bandera this weekend and have a couple of questions. To start, taking everything that I have read, I want to get "good" at smoking pork shoulder before I try to get "good" at smoking anything else.  I understand it is the most forgiving in terms...
  6. bvbull200

    New to Smoking Meat - Restoring/Modding Bandera - D/FW, TX (Lots of pics)

    Hello all.  I was referred to this site by another new member of yours, who happens to be my best friend and ALSO happens to be working on a little smoker project of his own (which I'm sure he'll share at some point). I've grilled for a number of years on a Weber kettle grill and added a Master...
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