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  1. bvbull200

    The Absurd Burger (or whatever we end up calling this thing)

    Much appreciated! It was a fun cook; something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm happy with how it turned out! That burger looks amazing, too! I don't think I want to know how many calories were in the one that I made :D. My wife, two kids, and myself barely put a dent in it, though. We...
  2. bvbull200

    The Absurd Burger (or whatever we end up calling this thing)

    I need to get a Photoshop of me as the Dos Equis man.:emoji_laughing:
  3. bvbull200

    The Absurd Burger (or whatever we end up calling this thing)

    Mega pic dump time. I've been wanting to make a mega-burger for a while and finally got the time and energy to do so. The basic idea was to take a loaf of bread otherwise baked for a bread-bowl, turn it in to a bun, then make a burger to fit it. With that, here goes nothing! Started with...
  4. bvbull200

    First Official CenTex Que & Brew August 9th-11th

    I'll have some u-dust for you when you swing by on the 8th, by the way ;). Fingers crossed it'll be the commercial packaging, but I'll have the pre-production stuff at least!
  5. bvbull200

    Vampire Pork

    Hell yes! I love this idea. It'll be garlic-y as a whole, but some of those bits are going to be off the charts full of garlic. I dig the name, too ;).
  6. bvbull200

    First Official CenTex Que & Brew August 9th-11th

    Well, damn. The date finally fully registered with me. I KNOW it says August, but I had September in my head. That is the week after we do a fundraising cook and a couple weeks before competition, not the week after. I'm quite scatterbrained at the moment. Makes it fairly unlikely that I...
  7. bvbull200

    First Official CenTex Que & Brew August 9th-11th

    Yeah, I'm a bit of a Booker's addict, now. I blame @tx smoker .:emoji_laughing: A little older picture, but shows most of the batches on hand (14 pictured), including my Booker's Rye :emoji_heart_eyes:. Plenty of empties, too :emoji_laughing:. Not all that long after that thread - 6 months...
  8. bvbull200

    First Official CenTex Que & Brew August 9th-11th

    Yes!!!! I remember! That was from my first smoking thread ever: https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/first-smoke-coming-up-this-weekend-suggestions-requested.147782/#post-1048284 That brisket was actually quite good and gave me a false sense of confidence. It took me a handful of cooks...
  9. bvbull200

    First Official CenTex Que & Brew August 9th-11th

    Well, if @bigdaddy4760 has all of that, that leaves the rest of us with...napkins? :emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing: That's awesome, Maner. Now I REALLY need to make it happen to get down there!
  10. bvbull200

    First Official CenTex Que & Brew August 9th-11th

    If I'm there, I will have PLENTY of rub on hand. Ought to have the new stuff in, too ;).
  11. bvbull200

    First Official CenTex Que & Brew August 9th-11th

    I'm on the tentative list! Competition the week before, which is a bit exhausting (4 events in 3 days), plus already some time away from the office. I'd love to make it, though. Sounds like a hell of a time.
  12. bvbull200

    Pitfaced BBQ Stuffed Pork Loin!

    OUTSTANDING! Great job on the cook. Glad you took the Meat Massage along for the ride. :emoji_laughing: I love seeing all of the unique uses people have for the rub. That looks fabulous. Congrats on hitting the carousel! Thanks a bunch for sharing. :emoji_blush:
  13. bvbull200

    CenTex Smokers (Austin and Surounding Areas)

    I don't think Tarrant county got the red shade on your map, but I voted in the poll anyways. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Awesome thread idea and a really nice list of places to try. Thanks for creating it, Zach!
  14. bvbull200

    Raising temps for a sear

    @Misplaced Nebraskan pretty much nailed how I do it. I cook low in the Weber, then, about 10 or so minutes before the sear, I pick out some lit charcoal from the Weber and add a little more unlit to the chimney starter (use the bottom/short side so there isn't as much distance to the grate) and...
  15. bvbull200

    My Best Brisket Yet! (Q-View Heavy)

    Great job, Zach! This is why you're such a good tester. Meticulous note taking, beautiful pictures, and a track record of successful cooks. Glad to hear it turned out nicely! Those pictures are just....wow. They belong in a brisket "how-to" cookbook or something. Excellent. I like where...
  16. bvbull200

    Beef Shoulder Clod - French Dip Sandwiches (Pic Heavy!)

    Thanks a bunch! It was really tasty. Already looking forward to my next one!
  17. bvbull200

    Pitfaced BBQ Chicken Win!

    Great looking chicken! I ought to use you for photo ops with our rub - you sure made it look good. The spicy rub is my go-to for chicken as well - though I may be biased ;). Thanks for the tag and for sharing the pictures. :)
  18. bvbull200

    Braised Short Ribs

    Wow.... I have cooked short ribs pretty much one way for all of these years. I need to rip a page out of your cookbook, though, and try your method. Looks and sounds fantastic.
  19. bvbull200

    Pepper Crusted Prime Rib

    That crust is gnarly! Excellent job.
  20. bvbull200

    Tomahawk with a test rub

    Sure thing! @schlotz - We make a sweeter rub currently that we've been selling for a little over a year. I'm finally getting around to working out the specifics on a savory rub. @wbf610 got the nod to help test it out for me ;). Because it's still in development, there isn't an actual rub to...
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