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  1. phathead69

    Chrrstmas Eve standing rib roast

    Not a lot of pics just finished product.
  2. phathead69

    Bought Christmas eve meal

    And a little more. On sale $6.99lb. Sliced up for 5 person serving for Christmas eve. 4 person serving early nxt yr. Two 2 person servings for wife and myself at some point. All vac sealed and 3 in the freezer
  3. phathead69

    My fire post pic hvy

    So I've seen several posts about fire mgmt. I'm gonna give my thoughts and my recent smoke. In no way do I claim it's the only or best or anyone doing it differently is wrong. I'm just posting what works for me. Starting my fire. My little pile of splinters and small pieces of tinder. Oak...
  4. phathead69

    Wife said POST THIS

    So wife fixed dinner which she does most nights. She refers to my posts as food p♡rn, so she says post this. So I shall . Lasagna with deer burger and sausage. Details after that are sketchy as she kicked me out of the kitchen. Results was great a great tasting supper. She also pointed out that...
  5. phathead69

    Brisket rib pre cooked

    Did some reading. Still not sure. Going to do few racks of ribs and a packer for work. Ribs no biggie as we have a commercial grade fan forced oven. Smoke and finish ribs on sat. Cool, wrap and keep till Monday and reheat. On the brisket seems to be same the same thought. Take to probe tender...
  6. phathead69

    Cheese start

    First round of cheese complete and sealed. 2 pepper Jack's and the 2 chedders will go as gifts.
  7. phathead69

    Rainy day ribs

    Two racks BB's rubbed identical. Only differance pulled membrane on one rack. My test to see if makes differance on moisture. 12pm 3 hours in. Now something I wanted to try. Every episode of bbq pitmaters on destination channel I see them putting squeeze butter on ribs claiming adding...
  8. phathead69

    Standing rib roast.

    Wife says I gotta quit posting in this food porn site. Never listened before. Seasoned up salt n pepper. Country ham chopped up for turnip greens frying up. 3.5 hours in. 120F IT. Divided and the one bone removed ready for grill Grilled up nice Sauteed mushrooms turnip greens and prime rib...
  9. phathead69

    My biggest smoke yet

    Got 3 butts avg 7lb after trimming seasoned up 7am and fire warming up the smoker. These are for daughter sorority fun Friday night. 3 hours in Later today I'll be adding a ham and stalk of bolenga for us at work tomorrow. Fried bologna for breakfast and ham for lunch. Figure I'll add them...
  10. phathead69

    Rotating racks on smoker

    Cant find it again on Facebook market place but a really good fabricator had built a wood smoker with rotating racks. Appeared to be roughly 4ft across, 3ft or so deep and 4ft or so tall. Shaft thru middle with motor attached rotates 4 or 5 racks like the restaurant models. Firebox was located...
  11. phathead69

    Oct vac fish for supper

    Got some king mackerel on our vac in destin this years. Burnt down apple splits about 2-3 fingers wide for my heat. Turned out pretty good. Wife was happy. Tented on my little lodge grill. Right before I pulled Plated with slaw and baked fries
  12. phathead69

    Sometimes its the simple things

    Wife and I have had rough week, temps fixing to drop like a rock. East TN really didn't get any fall this year and seems like me her was busy most of it. One of favorite fall activities is fire pit watching with a beverage and just talking. So we both got in late , no supper yet and we needed...
  13. phathead69

    Pulled pork ahead of time

    Daughter asks last night if I'll do pulled pork or a function for her sorority for a Friday night. Sure 40 girls no biggie. Here is my question or should say options. 1. Stick burner, start wee hours on Sunday morning the weekend before. Let them finish, pull and refrigerate until Friday and...
  14. phathead69

    Will tri tip shred/pull.

    I have a tri tip that may not be a true tri tip but have a tri tip portion on it. I was wondering I smoked it to 120 or so then insta pot it, would it work instead of chuck for pot roast/beef stew.
  15. phathead69

    Comp cooking vs backyard

    Well turned 50 this year and got to do the cleansing and camera procedure. I have trouble with anesthesia so while nothing dramatic I'm really slow shaking it off, think not drunk but light buzz all day. Well that led to a binge watching of Q competition on Destination tv channel. Some things I...
  16. phathead69

    Tonight's supper started.

    Seasoned, garlic herb, paprika, pepper blend and touch of jamaican jerk that's pretty hot. Just put in smoker running hickory about 270.
  17. phathead69

    Finally cool enough for chili

    So east tn finally cooled off and football weekend. 2 1/2# pound brisket point, smoked 3.5 hours in stick burner then 90 minutes in insta pot. Sliced and diced standard store bought chili mix , beans cooked 3 hours over open fire. I've done better but still good. Brisket makes a hech of a chili
  18. phathead69

    Old school on football sat

    Shaking it up a bit. Rib rub and open flame BBs Will lay a foil pan over them later since breeze seems to be picking up.
  19. phathead69

    Football and tri tip

    Smoked to 130. Lodge cast iron grill screaming hot. Broccoli roll and cajun butter sauce. Slight overcook but still good and juicy and tender e.
  20. phathead69

    Not sure about this ?

    Post on local FB. Looks like a pit boss pellet smoker . No tbs there.
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