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  1. bonnie b

    First time with 2 turkey breasts, asking for suggestions.

    can't answer 1st question. Yes to other two. Brining too long can "cook" meat, so to speak...make it mushy. Here's info & chart found on another cooking site ( dunno if allowed to say name...) ~~~~~~ "How Long to Brine? It all depends (don’t you love that answer)? The size of the item your...
  2. bonnie b

    First time smoking a turkey

    Thanks!! I always inject too...never any problems. To clarify cuz i can see where i wasnt clear....when i said "turkeys already injected..." i meant some store bought poultry will say "contains 15% of a solution of broth, salt, & spices". Been told that is partly to add weight (read...paying...
  3. bonnie b

    First time smoking a turkey

    Guess no one wants to answer my question???? :(
  4. bonnie b

    First time smoking a turkey

    I have a brining question. While reading various recipes on roasting turkeys (not smoking).....when brining is mention, most times they point out NOT to do it if the turkey is already injected with solution, claiming it is like "double-brining" and can make meat mushy. What is everyone's take...
  5. bonnie b

    Gettin ready!

    Awwww, it'll be great, I'm sure!!  Lots to keep track of, tho !!!!
  6. bonnie b

    Gettin ready!

    Wow!! Ready to feed the crowd, huh??  Are those boxes of ammo on the shelf above??  Hunt much?? lol
  7. bonnie b

    Bone in pork sirloin roast.. yummy and cheap!

    Yummmm!! I liked the way you had said u did ur chicken before. Love doin mine that way. Have that down pat...lol. plus more even cooking. Had to google spatchcock tho...lol
  8. bonnie b

    Bone in pork sirloin roast.. yummy and cheap!

    Looks delicious!!!  :drool: Did a great job on beboning. Cant even tell where it was!!  Was it still moist after it was refrigerated....or was there even any left TO refrigerate???  LOL  Mine was a bit dry the next day  :icon_cry: .
  9. bonnie b


    Ahhh...the cotija was probably it! Remember her saying it was similiar to parm as far as salt. Will have to look out for that.....thx!
  10. bonnie b


    LOL!!! It IS smelly....hahaha. That's all I've used, but thought I saw Martha Stewart (yessss, Martha!) using white crumbly Mexican cheese...Queso something. Fresco, maybe??? Does that sound familiar?
  11. bonnie b

    New to SMF

     Earl!!  You'll love this site!! And probably gain a few lbs too...lol.  Everyone's so friendly and helpful. I've learned sooo much.  Enjoy! PS - we love pics (AKA Q-views)
  12. bonnie b


    Unk Bob...if ur not adverse to mayo, give that a try next time vs the MW. From what i googled, MW has a very low oil content...which is why it cant be labled/sold as mayo. Possibly that's why it didnt get as crisp??? And no low fat mayo, either...lol.  Too much water content.  Learned that the...
  13. bonnie b

    (edited) Is this really a pork sirloin roast & how to cook??? (5 lbs)

    Cell phone doesnt wana play nice either. tryin again... this is rubbed & ready. i did end up triming some of the fat and scoring it so marinade & rub could penetrate: here it is after 45 mins of 425/475 and then took off like recipe i spoke of earlier: Fat is nice and crispy. Took...
  14. IMG_20130620_194404.jpg


  15. IMG_20130620_184545.jpg


  16. bonnie b

    (edited) Is this really a pork sirloin roast & how to cook??? (5 lbs)

    Yeah, think you're right.  I was Googlin' and found basically the same explanation (altho I don't think mine had any 'chine' bone from pics I saw).  But I'd already marinated mine, so too slippery to attempt.  And been trying to get this dinosaur of a PC to 'play nice' with posting pics (sent...
  17. crusted pork herb rub.JPG

    crusted pork herb rub.JPG

  18. Pork rubbed and ready.JPG

    Pork rubbed and ready.JPG

  19. pork sirloin roast marinating & herb rub.JPG

    pork sirloin roast marinating & herb rub.JPG

  20. pork lemon herb marinade.JPG

    pork lemon herb marinade.JPG

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