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  1. mattyoc20

    Canadian bacon “how to” questions

    So I am doing my first batch of Canadian bacon. I just bought the loin and am getting ready to drop it into pops brine. Question is can I do this just like cold smoked bacon? My process would be to leave it in pops brine for 2 weeks. I would also inject the loin with the brine as well. Pull it...
  2. mattyoc20

    Is my bacon ok

    Cured my bacon in pops brine for 14 days. I hung the belly’s in my garage in front of a fan over night to dry it out. Smoked the belly’s for 36 hours. When I pulled them off the belly’s were wet to the touch. Why are my belly’s so wet and is that ok?
  3. mattyoc20


    4th annual smokefest. Bunch of family Members and a few neighbors getting together to smoke a bunch of meat. My entry is pork shots and deboned chicken cordon bleu (chicken galatine style). Also on the menu -smoked Mac and cheese -Pulled pork -2 briskets -smoked wings -ribs -short ribs -bacon...
  4. mattyoc20

    Turkey Galantine

    merry Christmas all. On the menu at my house smoked turkey galantine and 4 racks of ribs for good measure. Deboned the turkey yesterday and Brined it in buttermilk for about 20 hours. Stuffed with stuffing and rolled this morning. Thanks to Tallbm for inspiration. His original post is here...
  5. mattyoc20

    Why is my bacon wet?

    Cure 16lbs of bacon in pops brine for 2 weeks. Put it under a fan to dry it out over night gen back in in he fridge for a day. Cold smoked it for 30+ hours. When I went to take it off it was wet. Any reason why that would be? I dried it off with paper towels and put it back in the fridge for...
  6. mattyoc20

    How long will bacon keep in the fridge

    I make bacon fairly regularly using pops brine and cold smoking for roughly 24h. 14 days in the brine, 5 days, drying out in the fridge, smoke for 24 hours, then rest 5 more days in the fridge to let the smoke mellow out. All in all it spends roughly a month in the fridge. How much longer can it...
  7. mattyoc20

    Pulled pork won't come up to temp

    I have had a pork butt on since 6am. Pork Temp got up to 190 so I took the foil off to try and get a bark on it. My temp has now dropped to 181? What's the deal? I am suppose to be eating in an hour? Running the smoker between 225-250. I can't wait another 3 hours to eat. Can anyone give me...
  8. mattyoc20

    Tips for smoking garlic

    got 20 lbs of butts smoking right now and i figured id throw in some gloves of garlic.  Any tips on smoking garlic would be appreciated.  Going to cut the tops off of the whole clove/cluster and smoking at 230 for a couple hours.  The main question i have is how can i store it.  Ive heard...
  9. mattyoc20

    Pork Butt is done already and I'm not eating til 6!!!

    Title says it all.  Will the butt be ok in the cooler for 3.5-4 hours?  My smoker did run a little hotter than i usually do.  I try to keep it at 235.  My smoker was running around 245 the entire time but the 10.5 lbs butt only took 8 hours??? whats up with that?
  10. mattyoc20

    12 degrees outside lets do this

    Lets do this butt and brisket about to go in
  11. mattyoc20

    Bacon without Nitrites

    So my brothers wife just found out she is pregnant.  They love my bacon so for christmas i gave them about 10 lbs of bacon.  She went to the doctor and the doctor said she cannot have nitrates.  I am not sure what the difference between nitrates and nitrites are but im sure either one probably...
  12. mattyoc20

    My poor bacon

    So this batch of bacon i think i totally screwed up.  See original thread here http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/173419/green-stuff-on-my-bacon I figured i would end up scrapping this batch and starting over but for giggles just went ahead and smoked it anyway.  I just got done smoking it for...
  13. mattyoc20

    Green stuff on my bacon

    Just took 10lbs of belly out of pops brine. Its been in there for fifteen days. Once I took it out I noticed this green stuff on the bacon. Any ideas? Also, I dont know why I am thinking this but I cant remember putting cure #1 into the brine. I dont think I would forget to do that but for...
  14. mattyoc20

    PIneapple Bacon?

    So I've been making my own bacon using pops brine for about a year now with great success.  Everyone says its the best bacon they ever had.  I am looking to switch things up a bit.  Would it be possible to to put maybe some pineapple juice in with the brine?  My main concern with doing this is...
  15. mattyoc20

    have you even seen this before on a pork butt?

    Not sure what this black stuff is coming from the bone. Anyone have any ideas? Should I worry about this? Thanks in advance for the help
  16. mattyoc20

    Question about Cure for Bacon

    So i picked up this cure at a local store in central PA for my father in law to use while making bacon.  I don't no if this is cure #1 or #2.  I am assuming its #1.  Any thoughts?  No one there could tell me.  I also picked up Mortons Tender Quick but don't really want to use that as i am not...
  17. mattyoc20

    Question about dual temp thermometer.

    Right now i am currently using Ivation long range thermometer ref and i really like it.  However, i would like to also get the maverick ET-733 long range wireless thermometer.  Will these 2 receivers cross each other or can i use them at the same time with no problems.  Thanks for the help/
  18. mattyoc20

    Need a sausage stuffer and am looking for advice

    I am looking to get a sausage stuffer much similiar to the one in this link I would like a little input or if you guys no of a better one please let me know.  My budget is $150.  Thanks for the help.
  19. mattyoc20

    First annual smoke off

    Today marks the first annual smoke off between myself and my cousins.  On my menu is pulled pork and chicken cordon blue fatties.  Competition i am facing is my cousin who is doing a brisket and smoked mac and cheese with his own ghost bacon.  My other cousin who is doing turkey legs and my...
  20. mattyoc20

    How long can my bacon rest in the fridge before smoking

    So I had a 14lbs  pork belly in pops brine for 16 days.  I took it out and let it set in the fridge for a week uncovered.  I wanted to pull it out a couple days ago but to be honest....i forgot it was in there.  The top has a nice pellicle (spelling?) but the bottom is kind of slimy.  I had it...
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