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  1. kc5tpy


    Hello all. Trying to crawl back into the land of the living. Good to be back here. Thinking of trying a duck in the smoker. Id think I got the smoking method down but I would like to crisp the skin. All I can come up with is pull the duck early; salt the skin and sling it in a screaming hot...
  2. kc5tpy


    Hello.  I debated posting this but have received a couple PM's and text messages and many of you were kind to her.  It can be debated whether this is the appropriate place to post.  I am posting here because I know many of you know her and without the help of my best friend I could not have...
  3. kc5tpy

    Smokin Weekend

    Hello.   Sorry Guys.  I can't make that weekend.  Step-Son getting married.  I tried to talk them in to the reception at the campsite; but no deal.  This will be the first one I miss but we all can't make it every year.  Have fun!  Take photos! To be honest I am only seeing 2 members reply...
  4. kc5tpy


    Hello Folks.  I just came up with an idea I don't know will work so I thought I would ask the experts. Here is the deal:  I have 14 coming for Christmas dinner.  Considering the British weather I couldn't risk smoking turkey on the day.  I have reheated smoked meats many different ways but it...
  5. kc5tpy

    The site

    This may not be the proper place to post this but are you folks having trouble with the site?  My screen size jumps up without reason and some of my replyies are not getting posted.  I MAY have posted the same reply several times and PM' might be repeated.  Sorry folks if this is just my...
  6. kc5tpy

    Galvanized in a smoker

    Hello Folks.  This one comes up time after time.  I feel it needs to be addressed and we all should get on the same page as to the advice we post.  1 member says yes and another says no.  This is a food safety issue; although not a MAJOR one I feel it should be addressed What is the opinion of...
  7. kc5tpy

    The Group

    I hear crickets chirping.  Taps is playing the background. Danny
  8. kc5tpy

    THANK YOU CHEF JIMMY J. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/250325/advice-needed-on-veggies POST NUMBER 4. I have SOO long been wanting to say that but I don't have the clout!  I have been waiting for someone to point out the obvious!  Thank You!  Smoked EVERYTHING is over the top IMHO.  If that is your thing; GO FOR...
  9. kc5tpy


    ME MAKE FIRE!!!   Just a quick Sunday evening meal.  Couple of ribeyes grilling. Totally unplanned and last minute.  Had to be fast and tasty.  They look pretty good and taste even better! C'Mon guys!  Start posting some stuff.  We do more than a yearly meet and greet.  Keep Smokin! Danny
  10. kc5tpy


    Hello folks.  Well another year under our belt.  Another successful smoking weekend.  Each year I think the weather is not going to hold OR there is NO way we are going to pull this smoke together.  SO FAR! I have been wrong each year.  It is down to the skills and dedication of the members that...
  11. kc5tpy


    Hello.  Folks I need some advice.  I LOVE sausage.  Sausage is how I found SMF.  I don't "care for" British sausage so my only choice was to try to learn how to make my own.  I never had to worry about it when I lived in Texas as I could get good sausage in MANY places.  My Great Grandfather...
  12. kc5tpy

    Group Lead

    Hello Folks.  I wanted to thank everyone for helping me get the UK. Group to where it is today.  All you folks are great.  I know the Group will continue to grow with such a great group of core of members.  We are all here to offer advice and support to any members; well that and have a laugh or...
  13. kc5tpy


    Hello Folks.  I know we are all about food safety.  I have one issue I can't get a handle on: reheating rice or rice dishes ( no meat involved ).  So I read it isn't about the rice it's about a bacteria and their remains and or droppings; I think!  I read NEVER reheat rice, then I read it is ok...
  14. kc5tpy

    Little info please.

    Hi folks.  One of my mates at work asked me today about a smoker.  He is thinking of one of the Traeger Pro series ( will find out which model ). He is looking at the larger one which I believe is the series 34.   I don't know much about pellet burners except that many folks use the and are very...
  15. kc5tpy

    Pulled Pork

    There are many recipes on the forum for “pulled pork”.  The pulled pork that is so popular now is more of the “fusion foods” style of cooking that is also becoming more popular.  Just the other day while watching a cooking show I saw “Korean style Mexican Tacos”.  North Carolina (and that area...
  16. kc5tpy


    Well folks; the weather is starting to change.  We had a horrible winter.  I had plans to finally finish a build I started a long time ago but who wanted to be in that rainy mess.  So who has what planned for the near future?  Pictures guys!  Inspire us all!  Keep Smokin! Danny
  17. kc5tpy

    Pine Wood

    Hello All.  Just one of those "curious" questions.  Want to see what others think. We all agree that using pine in the smoker is a "no no".  But we have a couple "survival" tv shows here in the U.K. and often the presenter cooks something over an open pine wood fire.  The other recommendation...
  18. kc5tpy


    IF you are a fan of the strong fish taste this thread is not for you.  If you like to bite into fish and it screams YOU ARE EATING FISH!  Wrong thread.  For me fish should be a delicate flavour.  Like prawns.  Should not bang you over the head screaming you are eating fish.  This fish will not...
  19. kc5tpy

    One of those days.

    OK.  Admit it.  We have all had things that didn't quite turn out.  Surly I can't be the only one.  Well I had a BAD! weekend.  You get no pictures here.  Too ashamed! Day 1: So I figure I'll cook some beans.  Some for work lunch and some for chilli.  Well, got that done.  Next is chilli.  Made...
  20. kc5tpy


    Hello.  I just got back from a visit with MikeW.  This was supposed to be a casual visit; just coffee and a chat.  Little did I realise I was being roped in by my friend for sausage making day.     Mike wanted to make sausage from my recipe.  Nothing serious, just 6kg.. So after all the meat...
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