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  1. grilldad

    Brinkmann Smoke N Grill Professional-Smoker Mod

    An update on my modded smoker. and to answer some questions. The valve and fittings are 1/4''. You will also need a flaring tool or have the hard wear store do it for you like I did. I didn't install a damper in my stack because its really not needed on a gas smoker. I did block some of the...
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  6. grilldad

    DIY Hydro Sausage Stuffer

    I saw the Dakota stuffer and like many others said to myself " I could make that myself " So I did! Even with the clear pvc at $25 a foot It was still cheaper than one you could buy. We have been using our kitchen Aid stand mixer to do all the grinding and stuffing but It takes forever to stuff...
  7. DIY Hydro Sausage Stuffer

    DIY Hydro Sausage Stuffer

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  15. grilldad

    my 1st. cupcake chicken

    Nope I made 6 and ate 4. My wife and daughter had the other too. For some reason when I cook my dogs always hang out around my smoker...don't turn your back on them when you rest the meat!
  16. grilldad

    1st smoked turkey legs

    Any meat on a stick is good but turkey legs are fantastic. I used a basic brine and poultry rub. I brined for 48h and smoked for 3h @ 230* with apple and mesquite smoke cooked to an IT of 170* They turned out so tender and juicy! I will say they really taste like ham! Not what I was...
  17. 1st smoked turkey legs

    1st smoked turkey legs

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  19. my 1st. cupcake chicken

    my 1st. cupcake chicken

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