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  1. Pyraxiate

    Smoked a Turkey Breast for the first time...

    Thank You I will definitely do that next time
  2. Pyraxiate

    Smoked a Turkey Breast for the first time...

    As the subject says I tried a Turkey Breast for the first time today and had a confusing problem, I'll give more detail. This was a bone in almost 8lb turkey breast. I unpacked the bird and washed it off a bit, pat to dry and added my cajun rub. I wrapped it and let it sit overnight. Put the...
  3. Pyraxiate

    First try

    Thank you for moving it to the right section! I did it pretty simple for the first time... Pepper, garlic & habanero salt (little bit of a kick) I prefer low & slow rather then hot & fast 230° till internal was around 195°. Let it sit for about 45 minutes then let my inner fat kid enjoy
  4. Pyraxiate

    First try

    First try at smoking brisket, came out good.
  5. Pyraxiate

    5-Day Smoking Basics eCourse

    Thanks for your time and hard work putting this e-course together. Looking forward to reading and learning
  6. Pyraxiate

    Just starting

    Hello stumbled upon this site while looking for smoking tips. I have owned a propane smoker and repurposed a gas grill to be a smoker. Most recently I bought a Oklahoma Joe's (Char-Broil) offset reverse flow smoker. I am always trying to learn something with smoking so I will always be newbie...
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