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  1. noboundaries

    Winco Pork Butts $.98/lb

    Winco has pork butts on sale for 98 cents a pound. One of those five in my basket is a 12.67 lb monster. That is the biggest pork butt I've seen that wasn't actually a picnic shoulder cut. Might have to go back later and get five more. We're still deciding if we want to continue doing 4-6...
  2. noboundaries

    Turkey plans-expect the unexpected and adapt

    So I took a 22.3 lb Butterball turkey out of the freezer Sunday morning, putting it in cold water in a cooler to thaw over a day or two. Big 'uns like that can take longer than 24 hours. My wife asked when I was planning on smoking the bird. "Tuesday," I answered confidently. "You know, there's...
  3. noboundaries

    Starting charcoal chimney - new technique for me

    I've been using a charcoal chimney for as long I can remember. Paper and charcoal starters were my go-to s over the decades. Well, that's all changed recently. We were saving egg cartons for one of my wife's coworkers. Turns out the egg lady had plenty, so we had a bunch of cartons. Hmmm, how...
  4. noboundaries

    Sweet Maria's Has Rwanda and Burundi Green Coffees 20% Off!

    Sweet Maria's is my prime green coffee supplier for home roasting. I stocked up (15 lbs) on three different Ethiopian coffees that were 20% off last May. They have their Rwanda and Burundi coffees at 20% off now. I suspect the sale may continue through the end of September, or possibly just this...
  5. noboundaries

    Chef JJ, forgive me. A new use for your finishing sauce

    I love all the fresh fruit available in California during the summer. Watermelon salad is one of my absolute favorites. I usually throw it together with watermelon, feta cheese, mint, and use a dressing of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and cayenne. I'll often add one or more of the following...
  6. noboundaries

    WSM Experiment with Two Pork Butts - Interesting Result!

    I overnight, dry smoke pork butts in my 22.5" WSM, usually two at a time. It gives me plenty of leftovers and lots to freeze. Usually the drippings fall into the empty water bowl and get burned up by the direct heat. Last night I thought I'd try something new. I have a 20" round cake pan I...
  7. noboundaries

    EMBERS ON SALE at HD $7.98 for 40 lbs! 7/21/19

    As a result of a different thread here at SMF I check the price at HD. I don't know if it has been there for several days, or just started, but get some today if you need to stock up. That's 20 cents a pound. A GREAT PRICE!
  8. noboundaries

    Scotch Find at Total Wine & More

    I'm a Scotch whisky drinker. I love wine cask finished scotches, especially those finished in sherry casks. To get the flavor and complexity I like, I usually pay around $50-$70 a bottle, and it will take me a year to finish a bottle. I enjoy the flavor, leaving the love of getting buzzed in my...
  9. noboundaries

    WSM Chamber Temp Suggestion

    I've enjoyed smoked perfection with my 22.5" WSM for several years now, and recently discovered something by accident. I typically place my MAV or Inkbird chamber temp sensor in the center of the grate or under the vent, depending what I'm smoking. I place it under the vent because that is...
  10. noboundaries

    Embers on sale at HD for $9.98 for 40 lbs

    Thanks to another member for seeing the sale. $9.98 for 40 lbs is just a tad under 25 cents a pound. Embers is RO Ridge with an imperfect stamp, but works exactly the same as Ridge. I don't need any due to our winter's bad weather and an earlier clearance sale, but it lasts indefinitely with...
  11. noboundaries

    Royal Oak Ridge on Sale at Lowes

    $4 for 15.4 lb bag thru 5/15, or 26 cents a pound. That's been their best price each year for the last three years and the price point where I stock up. Get it if you need it!
  12. noboundaries

    90-120 minute start to finish Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

    White flour has started giving me joint problems (inflammation), so we've switched to whole wheat bread. That said, I'm tired of paying $3 a loaf on sale, up to $6 a loaf regular price. I like commercial whole wheat bread because it is moist and pliable. I never cared for homemade whole wheat...
  13. noboundaries

    Beef and Black Bean Tortilla Soup

    Soup season is coming to an end, but my wife and I realized this past winter that whenever we ate a hearty, vegetable soup for several days, we were less hungry and ate fewer calories. We'd both lose a little weight eating something we enjoy. And it was surprising that the ingredients didn't...
  14. noboundaries

    Corned beef on sale now!

    St. Patrick's Day has come and gone. If you like corned beef, and don't have the time to brine your own, go shopping NOW! Commercial corned beef is on sale for a fraction of the pre-St. Paddy's Day price. I picked up the last two corned brisket points my store had on display. $1.68 / lb. They...
  15. noboundaries

    11/13/18 Home Depot 2x20 lb Embers on sale $9.98 (it is Royal Oak Ridge)

    Home Depot has their store brand Embers Charcoal on sale, 2x20 lbs for $9.98 (that's 25 cents a pound). Thanksgiving is the last sale of the year until the Spring. Christmas is real iffy. Embers is Royal Oak Ridge.
  16. noboundaries

    The trick to using mesquite

    Mesquite is probably the most vilified smoking wood people use. It has been described as having a turpentine taste, ruining meats. And actually, if used incorrectly, that's EXACTLY what you'll taste. Mesquite is by far the strongest tasting wood I've personally used of hickory, oak, apple...
  17. noboundaries

    WSM Thin Blue Smoke Kissing a Meatloaf......Ahhhhh

    I've run errands, set up the WSM, built a meatloaf, and put the finishing touches on a short story I've written for a writer's critique group this evening. I got up from my computer and walked into the kitchen, looking out the window to see thin blue smoke escaping from my WSM, highlighted by...
  18. noboundaries

    2018 LABOR DAY CHARCOAL SALE! Lowes and Home Depot

    It's Thursday before Labor Day weekend. If you are a new charcoal/wood smoker owner, WSM owner, or year-round smoker/griller, this is your last DEPENDABLE sale to stock up until next Spring. Lowes had Royal Oak Ridge on sale, $4 per 15.4 lb bag, or 26 cents a pound. They also have the 2x18.6 lb...
  19. noboundaries

    WSM Tender, Thick-cut Jerky......or cured meat......You choose

    Disclaimers: I use Cure #1 in my jerky for added safety. I also keep my jerky in a Ziplock in the refrigerator, for safety. I have traveled with it, unrefrigerated, for ten days with no problems. I've been searching for a tender, thick cut jerky technique for a while. This past year I've...
  20. noboundaries

    Charcoal Sale at Home Depot and Lowes thru 7/4/18

    Lowes: 15.4 lbs of Royal Oak Ridge briquettes for $4/bag. KBB $9.88 for 18.6x2. Both work out to about 26 cents a lb. I'm glad to see Lowes is putting the Ridge on sale more than once a year. I think this is the 4th time I've seen Ridge on sale since the first Spring sale. Home Depot: KBB only...
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