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  1. mgj2727

    Buying Season is Almost Here! What's your recommendation?

    Black Friday will be here in a few weeks, the holidays are pretty much here and... my Gen. 1 MES40 finally conked out (~5 years old, believe it's just the heating element, but probably due for a new smoker now anyway). I'd like to have folks recommendations of an electric smoker to replace the...
  2. mgj2727

    National Gas Smokers?

    I've got a natural gas tap outside my house. Is there a natural gas smoker on the market that anyone would recommend (or convert a propane over)? Thanks
  3. mgj2727

    I've got the AMNTS (Tube Smoker) on order - and I'd like to know if I can use different brands of pe

    My MES 40 (gen 1, bought for $239 w/shipping) is going to arrive later this week; I've purchased the AMNTS along with several different pellet packs from Todd; and I have the Maverick ET732 (Amazon Cyber sale $47 on it's way).  My question is - for the AMNTS tube smoker, can I see larger bags...
  4. mgj2727

    Now that I've got the MES 40" Gen 1 On Order.... What else do I need?

    Hey fellow smoking posters - -  I ordered the MES 40" first generation electric smoker (the one with the digital on top). I'm sure I'll have it in the next week.  So my next question, is what accessories would you recommend that I should buy to go along with my new toy? Here's what I'm...
  5. mgj2727

    Seeking recommendation for electric smoker (Los Angeles area)

    Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum.  I've made the decision to start smoking and will need to go electric (unless someone happens to know one that can connect to natural gas). I've been trying to find the best model for around $300-$400.  So far, the Masterbuilt 40 (with glass window, and from...
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