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  1. smokingearl

    Smoke turkey for work

    It’s Ok I llwas asked to get a turkey for the 6 of us at work. I got a 13 pounder. All I did was clean and rinse it. No rub. Nothing. LoL. Fired up the amps with 1/2 pitmasters choice and 1/2 corn cob pellets. Set the smoker at 255 at 6:45 o’clock pm tonight. It’s 10:15 pm now and the bird...
  2. smokingearl

    Tappecue v3, brisket and butt

    Put in a 10 pound brisket at 8 pm. Covered with SPOG. At midnight I’ll add a 7 pound boneless butt. No special occasion, other than trying out my new tappecue v3. I can’t state any details of the newest tappecue on any social media until it’s official launch 8/25 but can do it privately if...
  3. smokingearl

    Chuckle ends, beef ribs, fattie

    So I started yesterday. Had a 3 pound chuck roast, a cheap pack of beef ribs, and a pound of ground chuck and a pound of ground mild pork sausage. Chopped up a sweet onion, some mushrooms, and an orange pepper. I rubbed the roast and beef ribs with SPOG. Wrapped in plastic wrap and set in the...
  4. smokingearl

    Wedding butt!!

    So my daughter is getting married tomorrow at 10:30 am. Then at our house at 5:00pm we’re having a bbq reception. Small wedding with about 30 family members. Here’s the plan: Start smoking 2 7 pound butts at 11pm. They’ve been rubbed with Jeff’s rub and in the fridge since last night at 11pm...
  5. smokingearl

    Impromptu Father’s Day grilling

    celebrated Father’s Day at a cookout at my parents house with the family yesterday. On a whim 2 hours ago, I decided to grill my wife and I some ribeyes, shrimp, and veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms, and zucchini). Mighty tasty!
  6. smokingearl

    Pork butt

    Ok, so for my parents anniversary, moms birthday, and Father’s Day, my brother is gonna cook some ribs sand I’m cooking a pork butt. It’s 6.7 pounds and I spread some Jeff’s rub on it. Will put it on about 4 Am and will get it ready to take tomorrow at about 2 pm.
  7. smokingearl

    Baby backs baby!

    Small smoke just for my wife and I. Baby back ribs with Jeff’s rub. Smoker set at 225, amps filled with 1row of pitmasters choice. Ribs went in at 11am. Will wrap in foil at 2, then unwrap and back in the smoke for another hour. Usually I do 2-2-1 with baby backs but this rack seemed large so...
  8. smokingearl

    Memorial Day smoke

    Put a 14 pound brisket on at noon. 11 hours later I added an 8 pound butt. Smoking at 225 hoping to eat Sunday about 2. Hopefully the brisket will be done at 11 and I can separate the point for burnt ends and eat around 2. I also have 12 ears of corn I’ll grill about 1:30.
  9. smokingearl

    welcome back smoking season!

    hey yalls, just saying howdy! with the seemingly never ending winter finally gone, its smoking season again! just wanted to check in and see how everyone has been.
  10. smokingearl

    1st time prime rib x2

    I got a 6.2 pound prime rib on sale and my sister in law got one too and asked me if I’d smoke hers whenever I smoked mine. So now I’m smoking 2 at once. I’ve smoked about everything but prime rib. Hope it works out. AMPS with pitmasters choice fired up. Smoker at 220. Rubbed the meat with...
  11. smokingearl

    Butt for the 4th

    11:00 pm I put in an 8 pound Boston Butt, Jeffs rub, pitmasters choice pellets in my Amazen tray. Smoking at 235 until it hits 203. No wrapping, no spritzing. Unless by 9 or 10 am it's still at a stall then I'll foil it. It's suppose to rain around 3 or 4 and although I have a little shelter...
  12. smokingearl

    Walmart Beef ribs

    Not many choices here for good cuts of beef. Got me some beef ribs from Walmart. Look fairly meaty and not too bad on the price. Coated with jeffs rub and gonna do the 3-2-1 at 225 with pitmasters choice in the AMPS. More to come later.
  13. smokingearl

    Fast cooking Brisket

    I've cooked many a brisket. I cooked a 12 pound packer a month ago, which smoked for 22 hours at 225. It was a beautiful success. Made burnt ends out of the point. So for Father's Day tomorrow I bought another 12 pounder and planned to eat at 1:00. So I figured I'd start it at noon today, and by...
  14. smokingearl

    Pork bellies online

    I can't get pork bellies anywhere around here in KY that I know of. I'd really like to try to make my own bacon though. Where's the best places to get good priced pork bellies online? Everywhere I look seems outrageously expensive.
  15. smokingearl


    Started this pork butt at 9:30 last night and just shredded it up. Mercy sakes it's delicious!
  16. smokingearl

    50th birthday brisket

    I put this 14 pound full packer into my MES 40 BT today set at 220. The AMPS is loaded with postmasters choice and the brisket slightly rubbed with Montreal steak seasoning.I'm going out to dinner with some family then on to sing some karaoke. Should be home about midnight. I'll check on the...
  17. smokingearl

    Beef ribs and deer steaks

    First time smoking beef ribs. First time smoking deer steaks. Simple rub of spog on both. Gonna smoke the ribs at 250 for 5 hours. 3 hours in I'll add the deer steaks. Hopefully the ribs will be done when the deer steaks hit an IT of 135-140
  18. smokingearl

    December Brisket

    Woke up at 6 am. It was 32 degrees outside. Started the smoker at 250. 6:30 am I filled the AMPS with pitmasters choice and lit one end. Took the rubbed 4.2 pound brisket flat out of the refer. At 6:45 put in the brisket on the second rack and the AMPS on the bottom of the MES. Smoker temp...
  19. smokingearl

    how much does spatchcocking lower cooking time?

    I'm gonna smoke my moms turkey this year. It's 15 pound. I'm gonna brine it for about 15 hours, then let air dry in the fridge overnight. I'd like to smoke it at 275 in my MES 40 with pitmasters choice in my amps. anyone know about approximate cooking time when spacthcocking vs not? I was...
  20. smokingearl

    whole chickens and turkeys

    I've always wondered how am I suppose to get the breast to 165 and get the thigh at 175 at the same time. seems if I take the thigh to 175, the breast always is too and ends up dry. 
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