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  1. bigfatdaddys

    Virgnia Backyard Contest and Kids Q 6/29/14

    When: 6/29/14 Where: 22624 (155 Fairgrounds Rd Clear Brook, VA 22624) What: Backyard Contest For: Adults $20, Kids $10 info on Backyard page www.hoggingup.com :sausage:
  2. bigfatdaddys

    Aroostook County?

    Hello from Danforth and Greenland Cove area. (Washington Co.) Aroostook is barely :grilling_smilie:a few miles away.
  3. bigfatdaddys

    KCBS State Championship Virginia June 27-28th

    Hogging Up BBQ & Music Festival Clear Brook, Virginia Near MD, PA, WV (Panhandle) $6900 + sponsor prizes www.HoggingUp.com NOTE: BACKYARD CONTEST ON SUNDAY 6/29 :grilling_smilie:
  4. bigfatdaddys

    Anyone Need a Big Trailer Smoker Cheap???

    Just found this old thread. You could feed a stadium with that thing. Wonder what it sold for.
  5. bigfatdaddys

    Pa. smokehouse fire 'best-smelling in long time'

    Saved by the bell! Thanks for sharing.
  6. bigfatdaddys

    Why are my signature links grayed out?

    I was grayed out so I gave up trying. I notice some people have 'em and some people don't. Even some moderators are grayed out I wonder why.  I thought it was me because in the window it shows the links but when you preview they disappear. Help!
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  8. bigfatdaddys

    smoke one day serve the next question

    I do feel your pain. There's nothing like a nice hunk of meat. Technically you can cool it down in time if you are careful. Small hunk, not a whole darn cow mind you. HOME METHOD Let it rest. If you cooked in a pan, you must now transfer it from the hot pan into a cool pan,--aluminum foil one...
  9. bigfatdaddys

    Hi from the south.

    Welcome. You sure are in the right place. Have pit will travel. There's a lot of helpful threads here and also some WIKI articles how to this --- how to that.  Have to spend some time and look around. I'm still surfing them. wayne
  10. bigfatdaddys


    Here are basic hints and a few suggestions when using your own dry rub or making your own custom blends for beef and pork.  Dry Rub Marination on Beef Trim, cut and rub your beef first, then re-bag or cover in a bowl for good marination. Key marination time for me, is 24 to 48 hours in the...
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  12. bigfatdaddys

    Another AZ Smoker

    Welcome!  Happy Grilling. That's a great grill!
  13. bigfatdaddys

    smoke one day serve the next question

    It's funny you mention that because it does slice better. Here's another hint, we have taken huge hunks of beef that have reached temp, let them rest, cut them into small hunks and frozen them. You can actually slice paper thin from frozen state. A quick reheat in aujus is mouthwatering.  ...
  14. bigfatdaddys

    Show Yourself

    I am under pressure. Can't keep up at a county fair. Overloaded bbq. Smoke is killing me. So now I take two or three pits or smokers. Here I am with my cousin Dale.  We learned that lesson . WIFE LOVES BRET.
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  17. bigfatdaddys

    smoke one day serve the next question

    Pork has to cook to at least 145F to prevent trichinosis - USDA now recomends cooking Pork to 145 w/ 3 min rest. Sadly  many places I go will tell us to cook to 160 or higher to be on the safe side. (Smaller towns can implement their own rules) So, searing it to 165F can really dry out a pork...
  18. bigfatdaddys

    1st BBQ Competition

    My hats off to you sir, this is indeed what having a good time and barbecuing is all about. Awesome photos.  Thanks for sharing! woot woot my hats off to you! wayne
  19. bigfatdaddys

    Kentucky State BBQ Festival - out of control

    I hope to get my butt down there and check it out!
  20. bigfatdaddys

    BBQ comps in the Berks / Lancaster County PA area?

    Hmmm sounds like we need to work on this if we can't find one.
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