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  1. CheapSmoker

    PID controllers.. geeky question

    Does anyone know the specifics of how they work programming wise? I do building automation for a living and part of my job entails tuning PID loops. In HVAC though we do not use direvitive and I was curious if they use it in BBQ. Does anyone ever have issues with them swinging?
  2. CheapSmoker

    Brisky and Pork Belly Burnt Ends project

    Busting out my Masterbuilt smoker since it's going to be 70 today. Doing a full brisket(a little under 15lbs) and burnt ends + trying out some pork belly burnt ends.(a little under 9lbs) Yesterday I tried drying out the meat with a fan for 1hr or so then used a small thin coat of mustard and...
  3. CheapSmoker

    Tocabe blueberry chipotle BBQ sauce

    So im a big fan of Guy Feiri and DDD. Anyway a while back I was watching an episode on Tocabe and american indian joint. In the episode the cover BBQ Bison Ribs with a blueberry chipotle BBQ sauce. Not only that but they covered the ingredients, while not in the exact amounts I think I managed...
  4. CheapSmoker

    Stuffed Pork Chops

    Got these from a local butcher and put some avacado oil and S&P and smoked @270 or so for about 1hr
  5. CheapSmoker

    Brisket and burnt ends

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted. Had a couple kids and haven't had time to do any long bbqs. Decided to finally face off with my arch nemesis. (Bright idea to smoke a brisket for my first ever smoke and I screwed it up bad) Cooking in my 9 year old masterbuilt XL propane smoker @260-70...
  6. CheapSmoker

    House Warming party shin-dig!

    yes there are approx (8) 10lb pork butts! starting the mmoke tonight for tomorrow afternoon. Gonna be rocking Skrooge's dry rub and Soflaquer's finishing sauce! So far im just gonna have sweet baby rays for those who want BBChew sauce... Anyway ill have some nice pictures maybe later in the...
  7. CheapSmoker

    Here is my brisket

    So i used the recipie with the marinade and rub in the wiki(cant say ill use it again) smoked with a combo of applewood and jack daniels @ 225 or so. took roughly 12hrs @8 lbs. Smoked in the pan, and covered with foil at around 160 or so. Came out real tender!
  8. CheapSmoker

    Turn your ET 73 into a a ET 732

    so from my understanding it seems the 732 has an external antenna giving it better range than the 73. I also read functionality is different... but whats so different between a device that gives a temp and another device that gives a temp? i mean thats all i use mine for i dont need any special...
  9. CheapSmoker

    First boston butt!

    Ok so i got myself a 9lb or so boston butt. I slathered it in mustard and used Skrooge's rub  . I let that sit for about 48hrs. This morning i woke up at about 5 and got the smoker going and here is my pictures. I plan on pulling it so i know the internal has to be around 200. The question is...
  10. CheapSmoker

    Smoking newbie from South Suburbs of Chicago!

    Whats up guys, been reading information from here for about a month and I've found some good information so i figured id get signed up since i still think i need some help from some of the veterans here. Anyway about myself: I am 27, I've been cooking/baking since i was young(like 8 for baking)...
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