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  1. gone4nc

    Sam from NC

    Welcome to the fourm , this is a great place to learn smoking. Enjoy the smoke.
  2. gone4nc

    Also a first time turkey smoker

    I always brine, rub and spritz my turkeys. Two on right now. Happy smoking.
  3. gone4nc

    Hello from Buffalo, Ny

    Welcome to the fourm. This is the place to ask all your questions. You will get more answers than you can imagine. Happy smoking
  4. gone4nc

    New guy here.

    Welcome from Maryland. This site is were to learn and share sll things smoking. I too am about to build a smoking close to the same size. Please keep us informed. Happy smoking.
  5. gone4nc

    A new member!

    Welcome to the fourm from Maryland. Enjoy the amoke.
  6. gone4nc

    newbe in Louisiana

    Welcome, I am sure you will enjoy the forum. Ask your questions and sit back and the answers will roll in. Enjoy the smoke
  7. gone4nc


    Welcome  from Maryland. This is the place to learn as much as possible. I read as much as I can before I try something new. Happy smoking.
  8. gone4nc


    Welcome from Maryland. This is a great site to show everyone what they need to learn. Rnjoy yourself.
  9. gone4nc

    Smoking a Brisket for no other reason than the need for smoked meat! w/ Q-view

    Looks like a good time. Keep us posted.
  10. gone4nc

    Ribs for me

    The dogs and i ate very well
  11. Ribs for me

    Ribs for me

  12. gone4nc

    Ribs for me

    I decided to do some ribs today, while my wife is in Minnesota .
  13. 20140512_163511.jpg


  14. gone4nc

    New to your site

    This is a great place to learn the art and addiction of smoking meat. I have been on other sites lately and it seems that the same questions are asked over and over. I try reading back in the forum before asking, but i enjoy reading the posts. Ask all the questions you have and the answers will...
  15. gone4nc

    White oak

    White oak or red oak are great. I am using white oak right now for ribs, I also put in a little cherry.
  16. gone4nc

    16 hours, Butt worth every nano second

    That looks great , i once had a 3 butt cook take 22 hours no regrets .
  17. gone4nc

    Price of Pork These Days

    I picked up 3 butts yesterday at Wegman's for $1.89. just in May they were $1.49. I need to pick up 5 more for a cook . I was asked to do for a local nomad chapter of a motorcycle club , I am not a member just guest smoker.
  18. gone4nc

    Spares and baby backs

    That sounds great, mine have been on for 2.25 hours at 240.
  19. gone4nc

    Hello from New Orleans Louisiana

    Welcome. You have found the right place to learn to make great food.
  20. gone4nc

    The Woodlands. TX

    Welcome Scott, you will find all you need here to make some great meals.
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