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  1. makeminemeat

    A first for me.

    Well it was bound to happen. I have a Southern Pride SC200 as part of my arsenal and today, as I type this, I have an electric heater inside the smoke box just to get it warm enough to start. It has a temp probe inside that won't let it start unless is a certain temp and I guess -25C is not...
  2. makeminemeat

    Smokin' deal on Southern Pride SC-200

    Hi there. I haven't posted in a long time but, I have been watching and learning and putting all the good info to use. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Southern Pride SC-200 commercial rig. These things are quite expensive here in Canada and I got one at a farm auction for $500. I...
  3. makeminemeat

    Tender Quick in Canada

    Can anyone tell me a substitute for TQ that I can get in Canada (Ontario)? Morton does not sell it here, and online ordering adds way to much to the cost.
  4. makeminemeat

    No "stall" yet

    What does it mean when there is no stall in my pork butt?  8.5lb butt at *240 since 3.30am and it has continually climbed to *168 at this time (9.09am). These Canadian pigs must be fast. Any pointers? Master built XL, gasser,  first smoke, good digital thermometer with probe, ET_72c, all the...
  5. makeminemeat


    Can anyone tell me if smoking with pecan could effect nut allergies?
  6. makeminemeat

    Question from a Newbie

    I understand that Cherry is a good smoking wood. I am sure that everyone is talking about the fruit bearing Cherry. Here in Ontario, we have a Cherry tree that is used for lumber and I have acres of it. My question is.....can it be used for smoking meat safely?
  7. makeminemeat

    Another Newbie

    Hello Hello, my name is Patrick I too am from Ontario and I recently discovered this site while looking for smoker build info. At 55, I have been grilling and, to some extent smoking, for many years. I used to have a very large mobile pig cooker that saw plenty of use (open flame style). I have...
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