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  1. flanntastic

    Help me with beef ribs

    my wife bought these beef ribs, but these aren't the beef ribs i have seen before, these are like small chunks.  Anybody done these before?  
  2. flanntastic

    Help me time my Brisket Flat.

    So for Thanksgiving I am smoking a Turkey and a Brisket Flat.    I am good on the turkey But this is only my 2nd Brisket.   And its a Flat, so what time should I put this on to get it done and rested by 5Pm? TIA
  3. flanntastic

    cooking ten pork butts this weekend for a Graduation party

    have some quick ?s for you guys.   I am smoking ten butts thing weekend for my nieces party.    I usually don't foil butts but I am going to for sure on this batch.    My plan was to smoke them to 160, foil get them to temp, then double foil and put them into coolers.   Then open and pull them...
  4. flanntastic

    how many butts fit in a MES40

    how many 8lb butts fit in a MES40? 
  5. flanntastic

    i got a ? on Baby Back ribs

    so when you buy a rack at the grocery, they taper, one end is the thicker and one is smaller. the thicker end has allot of meat on the top of the ribs, but it doesn't cook like the small end, do you trim that top meat off for a even cook?
  6. flanntastic

    Pulled Pork Chili

    I smoked a butt on Saturday but wanted to try something new, so i made pulled pork Chili. I looked up some recipes online but ended up making my own combining them I cooked down one large onion and 4 garlic cloves in some olive oil, and just softened them up (but didn't brown).   I added those...
  7. flanntastic

    lets talk about butt bark

    no fart talk though...sorry i see allot of your pork butts come out with a black bark, my bark is always more brown.   Is it because you guys have more sugar in the rub? TIA
  8. flanntastic

    Krogers had pork butts @ $.99 a lb today!

    Krogers had pork butts @ $.99 a lb today! the cooler was almost empty though by the time i got there, they had 4 left, 3 were @ $.99 a lb, and 1 was at $2.35 a lb, i bought the cheap three! if you guys have a local Krogers you may want to check it out
  9. flanntastic

    Root beer Ribs and Smoked wings

    had my own little super bowl party with just the wife and kids, Did baby back ribs, slathered in mustard then famous daves rib rub (usually make my own but had no time) smoked at 250 on my MES 40, and did a 2.5-2-.40 method. so during foiling i added vinegar but too much, and i needed some...
  10. flanntastic

    the door fell off my MES40

    my wife went to flip some smoked chicken wings and tell me honey, the door to your smoker is on the ground....... i went out and it when she opened the door and swung it open it game off the hinges, right now the door is too hot to mess with trying to tighten it up, i just set it there and used...
  11. flanntastic

    turkey or chcken on top

    i am cooking 8 lbs of wings on the MES40 smoker, and a boneless turkey breast, whih one goes on top? i have turkey on top now, which will drip on the wings, is that ok?   and wings dripping on wings
  12. flanntastic

    I freakin hate when this happens!!!!!

    i put on a small pork butt on the MES40 last night, filled my AMNPS with hickory, i lit it and let it burn in the driveway for 20 minutes why i prepped the butt.   it was only a 6lb butt put it on at 10pm with thin blue smoke.....got up at 7, my AMNPS went out after a inch of burning......i got...
  13. flanntastic

    need to thaw out a whole pork butt, 7 lbs

    need to thaw out a whole pork butt, 7 lbs, i froze one last time, any good advice?  i would hate to throw it on the smoker and it be frozen on the inside
  14. flanntastic

    the danger zone

    i have read here before that 40-140 degrees is the danger zone and should only be that temp for 4 hours.   BUT last night i put butts on, they hit the grate at 37 degrees smoking at 250 and i bet they were under 140 for 8 hours at least.   BUT everytime i smoke its the same way, its never been a...
  15. flanntastic

    how did i screw up a beercan chicken

    so i am making a butt for Fathers day tomorrow, and thought i would try a beercan chicken while i wait.   Rubbed the chicken with brown mustard and rubbed it down with some rub i had.    Filled the can with apple juice/chicken broth/garlic, turned the smoker up to 275 and let it go.    (i sat...
  16. flanntastic

    got my new MES 40, made some dinner!

    so my MES 30 died while making mothers day Pork, so i gave it to be best friend, he is going to do the re-wire and use it. and i bought a new MES 40 from Sams, its sooo much bigger and nicer than my MES 30! today i smoked corn for the first time, WOW!!!!   yeah, new must have for smoking...
  17. flanntastic

    Crap, my Mes30 just died mid smoke

    i put on two pork butts on at 9am, went to add some wood and noticed my MES wasn't on, checked the fuse box, plugged in other items into that socket and i have found my MES 30 is dead.   I bought it for fathers day and have used it for ten months (about 15 smokes).   now the only mod i have done...
  18. flanntastic

    need advice, Boneless turkey brest but not round (pics included)

    i want to smoke this, got it from a friend, but its not like the turkey i see you guys cooking
  19. flanntastic

    every try a boneless turkey breast on your MES?

    has a customer at work give me some boneless turkey breasts, is there a way to smoke them? TIA
  20. flanntastic

    products the make life better

    last night i put a butt on my mes 30 at 10pm, with my amazen and my new maverick remote.  woke up at 7am, looked at the maverick remote, and rolled over and went back to bed.    Gadgets get me more sleep!
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