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  1. dstar26t

    Pork Shanks...underrated?

    Haven't posted in a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been cooking, curing, stuffing and smoking things!  Just nothing out of the ordinary really except for some Reuben sausages but I didn't take any good pictures of them unfortunately. Figured I'd share this cook since when searching I...
  2. dstar26t

    Classic Brisket

    I will let the pictures speak for themselves mostly.  16 lb packer trimmed to 14 lbs.  1% w/w kosher salt on the surface for 24 hours.  19 hours of 6 month seasoned red oak (a lot of it) until probe tender.  6 hour rest in a cooler (while I cooked 4 racks of maple brine cured pork ribs).  Best...
  3. dstar26t

    First Sausages...Kielbasa and Bratwurst

    Hi all, Haven't posted in a while, been busy with other projects.  Took a break from those projects to make some sausage!  I've been wanting to do that for a while but was intimidated by the complicated procedure and the research needed.  Did a lot of reading in order to get it "right" the...
  4. dstar26t

    AMNPS in an offset

    I made some modifications to my OK Joe Longhorn to use it as a cold smoker with an AMNPS.  I've seen a lot of external smoke generators on this site using mailboxes or other piped means in order to reduce creosote/bitterness on the product when cold smoking.  I made a way to "pipe" the smoke...
  5. dstar26t

    First Pastrami

    I titled this thread "First Pastrami" because there will be many more for sure, it was awesome. Started on Monday 2/1 with a ~7 lb choice packer from Wegmans.  Sloppily trimmed most of the fat, weighed and made enough curing brine to cover in a bucket. Target was 200ppm nitrite using cure #1...
  6. dstar26t

    Yard Bird Lunch Meat

    I was gifted one of those Chef's Choice 615 slicers over the holidays from myself so I thought what better meat than lunch meat to break it in.  Made up some of Pop's full strength brine and put some turkey and chicken breasts in there.  Subbed the cane and light brown sugar with maple sugar and...
  7. dstar26t


    Picked up a fresh pork belly to make some bacon and had the butcher cut the skin off.  I don't use the term butcher in an endearing manner this time.  Anyway, cut the skin into strips as best I could and boiled them.  Found this recipe on that fantastic ribs website, or something like that...
  8. dstar26t

    cure-brined dry-rubbed smoked wings and thighs

    Made a weak curing brine based on Pop's and put some wings and thighs in it for 48 hours.  Rinsed and dried them and put a dry rub on.  Then cooked/smoked them in a smokenator equipped Weber kettle with charcoal and pecan @ 300F until 160F IT and then seared them for that crispy skin.  Turned...
  9. dstar26t

    Bacon and lunch meat at the same time

    I ordered a slab of fresh pork belly from my local butcher and plan to follow Pop's tutorial (http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/a/making-bacon) and use his curing brine for 2 weeks.  I'm going to swap the sugar and brown sugar for maple sugar and maple syrup for S&G.  Since the brine will be made...
  10. dstar26t

    Beef Plate Ribs and a small Brisket

    Restaurant Depot had a bunch of Beef Plate Ribs and a small (8.8lb) choice packer brisket so I got to cooking this past Saturday.  Haven't done a brisket since July so it was high time.  Also wanted to try to reduce the bark on the ribs compared to my last attempt. The brisket required minimal...
  11. dstar26t

    Beef Clod

    I had some friends come in from out of town in September and wanted to feed everyone some slow cooked meat.  There were about 20 of us.  I searched on here for something big and found the CLOD.  Took a trip to Jetro (Restaurant Depot) and they had a 23 lb'er...massive thing it was.  Perfect...
  12. dstar26t

    Beef Chuck Ribs

    My local Jetro (Restaurant Depot) seems to always have a selection of beef chuck ribs (IMPS 130) available which is great because I love cooking them.  Here's how I did it this past weekend and what I would do to improve them.  Hope you all like pictures. In the package: Removed them from...
  13. dstar26t

    New member but not new to cooking meat with fire

    Hi all, Just joined to share in the world of cooking meat.  I've used the forums to search for information and figured I should give back too.  I live in Ridley Park, PA and bought my first cooker when we moved into our first house in 2007, it was a 22" Weber kettle.  I outfitted it with a...
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