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  1. bamafan

    New Sausage maker

    Well between me and Jay, we decided it was time to build a new sausage smoker at his house that would hold more than my build. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/149279/sausage-maker-electric-build  Took the basic idea from Jerry's smoke house at the North Florida gathering. Going to try and...
  2. bamafan

    Old girl finally died! MES 40

    My old MES 40 finally gave up the ghost (while cooking 4 butts by the way)! She has worked well for the last 6 years and I have drug it all over the country for work. Broke down and bought the new 40" from Sam's today with the blue tooth. Hope it works as good. I've read some people has had a...
  3. bamafan

    Cheese for North Florida Gathering

    Been behind on cheese so thought I would do a batch for the gathering in April. Gouda, Extra sharp cheddar, pepper jack, chipotle cheddar, hot pepper cheese, colby long horn, and Monterey Jack. Karen should have the Gouda finished 10 minutes after I get there. At least she will not touch the...
  4. bamafan

    TIme to try BBB

    I love my pork belly's but after seeing so many posts on here about Buckboard Bacon I thought I would give it a try. Started with a 8 pound butt I picked up on base yesterday for $1.54 a pound. Deboned and cut in half. Patted dry and rubbed down with Hi Mountain BBB cure per the...
  5. bamafan

    It's game day ABT's

    150 ABT's for the 2 play off games. Got 40 pounds of pulled pork. And 40 pounds of of leg and thigh quarters Roll Tide
  6. bamafan

    Vac Master Pro for Christmas

    I must have been a good boy this year. My bride surprised me with a new vacuum sealer the VacMaster 350 Pro. Can’t wait to try this bad boy out. She definitely surprised me this year.
  7. bamafan

    Prime rib for daughter

    My oldest is home from school for the holidays so decided to try another prime rib. Scored this for 3.99 a pound on base Rubbed down with a little garlic, salt, black pepper, and Montreal Little pecan and apple TBS Also loving the new maverick. Will be great for the sausage cooker...
  8. bamafan

    Venison,Cheese and jalepeno summer sausage

    Been MIA for a while been working away from home. Time to clean out the freezer so decided to make some summer sausage from my daughters deer from last year. Used Excalibur premix for this batch. Turned out really well last time. Sorry for the crappy pictures!  20 pounds of venison...
  9. bamafan

    SMoked green tomatoes.

    Was cooking at a friends house for the forth of July and had left over stuffing from the ABT's. Decided to core out a couple of green tomatoes and stuff them with the filling from the ABT's. Stuffed then wrapped in bacon and a good coat of rub. Smoked for around 2 hours til they started getting...
  10. bamafan

    Soutern style and andouille

    Haven't posted anything in a while and my buddy killed on of his pigs and called so it's sausage time. 45 pounds chunked up and partially frozen My buddy Jay the "Pig man". Retired Army. Not a bad guy for a Georgia fan.The LEM makes short work of it! Into the stuffer. Amazin one...
  11. bamafan

    Sunday Prime rib

    Since I'm heading to the Northwest Florida Gathering in a few days. Thought I would cook something up for the family before I leave. A Little rosemary, black pepper and sea salt. Letting warm up to room temp before going in the smoker. Going to use a mix of apple and hickory in the amazing...
  12. bamafan

    MES 40 at Lowes

    Was walking thru lowes to get something else and saw a MES 40" for 279.00 It has no window but I thought that was a good price. Anyone bought one of these? Any difference in the 40 models Besides the windows? My old 40 is held together by Bungee cords and was thinking of replacing it.
  13. bamafan

    Cheese smoke

    Bad planning as I ran out of cheese so it's a nice cool day and time to catch up a little. Doing Colby,sharp Cheddar , pepper jack and one block of Swiss I grabbed by mistake. I figured what the heck try it.  Hickory in the amazin . Nice TBS. Hard to see. See what happens in 3 hours.
  14. bamafan

    Venison Snack Sticks and summer sausage w/ Qview

    Was time to take care of my deer and a buddy of mine had one also so decided to make 25 pounds of snack sticks and 25 pounds of summer sausage. Mixed the venison with some pork. Getting ready to grind. 25 pounds of snack stick fixin's ground up. Mixer is a little bit of a pin to clean...
  15. bamafan

    Time to try Bacon

    Ok time to join the band wagon and give bacon a shot. Finally found these at the commissary on base for 1.76 a pound. They went in Pops brine yesterday for the 14 day soak. Packed them in a 5 gallon zip lock bag and got as much air out as I could then set them in a pot in the frig. A walk in...
  16. bamafan

    Broke down and bought a meat mixer.

    Christmas came early! After the last SMF Northwest Florida gathering them boys finally got me hooked on making sausage. The one dang thing I hate about it though is the mixing. Arthritis in the hands don't like it . So this is on it's way. May have to take it to Jerry's?
  17. bamafan

    Sausage maker Electric build

    .[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings></xml><![endif] Got an old warming box and going to try and make an electric MES on steroids. Only going to use this for sausage making I think. Plan is to use a 1500 watt element and PID controller and...
  18. bamafan

    LEM 25 pound tilting meat mixer

    I'm seriously thinking of buying one of the LEM 25 meat mixers. The reviews I've read look pretty good. Does anyone on the forum have one or used one Tough sell to the wifey but gonna give it the old college try!
  19. bamafan

    Sausages, Wings ,and ABT’s for opening Bama Game! With Q-view

    Decided to nor make pulled pork or brisket for the opening day of Bama football. Decided to make sausages to go with wings and ABT’s. Doing a hot Italian, and a southern style. Wings and ABT’s to come tomorrow. Roll Tide Roll! Butts cut up Ready for the LEM # 12. One of the best things I...
  20. bamafan

    Southern style sausage with Q-View

    To hot to do anything else so I decided I needed some fresh sausage. Started off with a 10.25 pound boston butt. Used AC leggs smoked sausage seasoning #105 and cure 1. With my limited experience the AC leggs stuff I have tried is way better that my first 2 tries with home made recipes? If you...
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