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  1. bamafan

    North Florida Gathering 2020 Canceled

    Hate to hear but understand. Was looking forward to me and Kieth kicking Jimmy's ass in cornhole....
  2. bamafan

    North Florida Gathering 2020 Canceled

    Will be good to get the old crew together again. Although We will be slower and crabbier. But will be good to see some new folks. Hope i can make it. Vaca is on the calendar at work....
  3. bamafan

    North Florida Gathering 2020 Canceled

    He better be good!!!!!
  4. bamafan

    North Florida Gathering 2020 Canceled

    All the old bastards will help.
  5. bamafan

    North Florida Gathering 2020 Canceled

    I’ll need a spot with a hook up for a 48 footer for Jeremiah with 30 amp hookup
  6. bamafan

    North Florida Gathering 2020 Canceled

    I'm broken Kieth you'll have to do all the cooking:emoji_astonished:
  7. bamafan

    Mutiple meat mutiple day Wedding smoke

    Hell no for the 5 year anniversary. I'm retiring from wedding's and anything over 1/2 mile from my house
  8. bamafan

    120 Gal. Reverse Flow (not your normal build) "DONE"

    My blowers are pretty much even with the grate. If temps are falling that fan should be blowing pretty constant. You've used mine plenty and I keep the dampers closed all the way when I use it. The only time I get a lot of small puffs is when the temp is on and it's trying to hold it. Love the...
  9. bamafan

    New Sausage maker

    Will post the results tomorrow after a taste test. But the electric worked great and we used 2 of the newer tube smokers.
  10. bamafan

    New Sausage maker

    It was 44 pounds when we weighed it out and we didn't make a dent in the space. Also made 25 pounds of ground breakfast sausage while we had the grinder out. The new carnivore grinder we went in on is a beast. As fast as you can shove it in
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  12. bamafan

    New Sausage maker

    Well Jay and I finally had some time and got some meat out of the freezer. Made 42 pounds of jalapeño
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  15. bamafan

    New Sausage maker

    All that's left is a couple of trim boards. We are waiting on a little cooler weather to give it a go. All the test runs have been good. No problem getting it to 180 with the 2 elements. Heat shield is installed. Will probably have to build another one as the sheet metal I got for free was a...
  16. bamafan

    New Sausage maker

    Got back up to the smoker for a couple of hours today. Getting close. Just need to get the racks in now and the heat shield built and trim on . Got the controller installed and the box around it to protest from the rain. Jay sprayed it with a can of the flex seal on the outside. It's water...
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