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  1. tom in nc

    Smoked Tri Tips

    So my brother in law has an annual chili cook off contest with the family & neighbors. Two years ago I won on a whim with a regular chili but it was crazy hot with habaneros. Last year I won with a smoked pulled pork chili with chipotle peppers. This year I wanted to try something different...
  2. Smoked Tri Tips

    Smoked Tri Tips

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  9. tom in nc

    Tri Tip Question

    Trim the fat cap off. If you're grilling - keep it on.  If you're smoking, trim it off.  Smoke gets to the meat and you have a nice edible crust all the way around.  This comes from Jeff's newsletter and I followed his recipe to the T last weekend and it was awesome!
  10. tom in nc

    Smoked Tri Tip and Wicked Baked Beans

    Hey Raptor, I can't take credit for the beans.  It's actually Dutch's recipe and I found it on this forum.  If you search for Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans you'll get the original thread.  I thought it was a sticky but I couldn't find it.  Below is the recipe... Here's Dutch's baked beans - enjoy...
  11. tom in nc

    Smoked Tri Tip and Wicked Baked Beans

    I've been wanting to try a smoked tri tip ever since I received Jeff's newsletter describing his smoke of this cut of meat.  I live in a somewhat rural part of North Carolina so I had a challenge finding someone who knew what a tri tip was, never mind finding someone who could order one for me. ...
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  15. tom in nc

    Epic Pork Butt Smoke

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words.  I was really happy with the results and I used a pound of the pulled pork to make a nice pulled pork chili this afternoon.  Happy New Year to all of you!
  16. tom in nc

    Epic Pork Butt Smoke

    fpnmf - I've got a couple of temperature probes that I insert in the meat and run the thermocouple wire out of the smoker.  The thermocouples plug into a transmitter and I can take the receiver with me to monitor the meat temps and the temp inside the smoker.  Yes, the thermocouple wires do lift...
  17. tom in nc

    Epic Pork Butt Smoke

    Thanks for the kind words. I hope it didn't sound like I was complaining about the time it took to smoke these butts. I was just surprised at the how long it did take. I was very pleased with the finished product. Subotai - the wind was an issue.  Not sure what it was like in Charlotte on...
  18. tom in nc

    Epic Pork Butt Smoke

    I call this one epic because of the time it took for these butts.  I wanted to try a couple of pulled pork chili recipes so the first step was to make some pulled pork.  I got 2 butts weighing in at a total of 14.25 pounds.  I shot each one with some pork butt marinade, then covered them in...
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