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    Progressive Dinner Here We Go!!

    OK gang, I've been asked by the son to create a pulled pork/ ribs dinner for his HS band's progressive dinner next weekend, I've reached out to some of your for the sides - thanks JJ - and wanted to start the thread as I'll be capturing some  Q-Views of the multi day activities. So to give...
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    My Fathers day present - Pork butt and ribs (with Q View)

    Last night out of the blue my lovely wife said - we are out of pulled pork (when I make a  batch I pack 1-2 lb vac-u-seal bags with sauce and freeze em for later) and asked 'you wanna smoke some?"  Before I could answer I headed for the local BJ's and found their bone-in butts were on sale (It...
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    Not sure but it turned out great! Spares and butts - Q View!

    I smoked x2 butts and x2 slabs of spares this weekend.  Not sure as to why it took so dag-gone long for the butts but in the end it came out great. Started out Friday afternoon going to the local BJ's and found a heck of a deal on meat. Here's my selection for this weekend - It started out...
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    Angle Brackets?

    OK I've cut and bent my charcoal basket to form using #9 Expanded Metal 3/4".  Looks pretty good.  I was going to pick up some angle brackets from the local HD but saw every stinking bracket was either galvinized or zinc plated. Reading in the forums I don't want to have bad gas from the fire...
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    Smoker Front shelf / Counter

    I've been upgrading my smoker (Braunsfeld SFB) and am near completion. The one thing I really need is a place to put my beer...um I mean utensils.  I saw a post about the UDS meat board plastic.  I ordered that and mounted but I don't like it as a front shelf.  I'm going to put some collapsable...
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    Pork Shoulder Rubbed and Somkin!

    Beautiful day here in Northern VA so last night I pulled the 8lb pork  shoulder out and used Chef Jimmy J's Mild Bubba Q Rub.  They've been smokin for 3 hours so it will be a long night....  I've taken some pics so I'll post later tonight with some results!!....Thanks Chef Jimmy J for the...
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    Baby backs yesterday, fatties today with Q View!

    Such a nice day here in Northern VA yesterday, temp in the 50's, went to my favorite butcher who had a deal on baby backs, butts and fattie ribs. So I started the ribs using a base rub of Leggs old plantation rub and spiced it up while cutting the salt as I like a sweeter rub. So here's the...
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    It started raining on my first smoke...HELP!!

    The rain came in 4 hours sooner than forcast (Thanks local weather guy :>().  My smoker temp keeps dropping into the danger zone.  I've kept the side FB door open to no luck.  I'm now adding more lumps to the fire...Any otehr suggestions so as not to 'rain out' my first smoke???? Thanks  OB
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    Offset Smoker Mod - First Times a Charn

    After reading about so many mods, and as I got a smoker (OSFB) from someone who didn't want it,  I spent the last two weekends scraping, cleaning, cutting and reading... The Smoker was in a backyard for two summers without any TLC.  I can say their was a massive amount of scraping rust and...
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    For the love of Smokin' this is wonderful.  I must say I've re 'kindled' (yes pun intended) my desire for smoking meat as I used to do this years ago.  Time and new position has afforded me the opportunity to get a 1/8" steel (homemade) OFB 28" smoker someone didn't want.  I've been reading the...
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