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  1. jrollins

    need a brin for chicken

    need a brin for 3 4lb chicken. how long do i brin them for
  2. jrollins

    need help

    smokeing a deer quarter temp. was 140 now 135 help
  3. jrollins

    pork loins for xmas

    OK I SMOKED THE MEAT FOR XMAS....... It was so good thank yall forall your help. Would show a pic but can not get pic. on the site.
  4. jrollins

    need a brine for venison

    I am going to smoke deer quarter need help. Need a brine or do i need a rub. Whith one will do best.
  5. jrollins


    There Is nothing you cannot find out on this web site. THANK YALL ALL... Yes I am from the south
  6. jrollins

    lemon pepper barbecue sauce

    do yall no how to make it.
  7. jrollins


    I was given a country ham (salt cured) can you wash it off or soak in water and then smoke it
  8. jrollins


    what is a fattie. i wont to try one but dont know what it is
  9. jrollins

    Bacon wraped jalipeno

    How long do you smoke them for.
  10. jrollins

    smoking or grilling peppers help

    I need help do i grill peepers for appit. or do i try to smoke them help
  11. jrollins

    Blanket cooler

    Explain what you do with the blanket cooler. I saw it some where but can not find it. HELP DO you wrap the meat in surran wrap and towels and the blanket.
  12. jrollins

    smoke with green wood or dryed

    Ihave a outdoor smokemtn. gas . do i need dry wood or green. I am smoking with green know and it is smoking white a lot help
  13. jrollins

    pork tenderloin rubs

    I need help. I have to cook for the xmas. dinner. Pork tenderloins would yall use a rub .
  14. jrollins


    need info. on thermometers
  15. jrollins

    Smoking Multiple Types of Meats at Once

    In an Outback (propane) Big Block Smoker, if you are trying to smoke different types of meat on each of the 3 shelves, would you need to place the meats in a pan to keep the drippings from dripping onto each other or, would you just place the meat on the rack and let the drippings drip down onto...
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