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  1. buckeye024

    30" MES Stainless - Black Friday SALE!

    I just took a peak at the Bass Pro Shops 2010 Black Friday Ad. Black Friday is the huge sale on the day after Thanksgiving. They will be selling the 30" Stainless MES for $179. They normally have it listed for $299. Here is the ad itself...
  2. buckeye024

    Coke Injection

    Hey all, I'm smoking a couple butts this weekend. I wanted to try something a little different than an applejuice injection with Jeff's rub. Has anyone tried injecting with Coca-Cola? 
  3. buckeye024

    Frozen Pulled Pork

    Last fall, when it started getting cold out, I smoked up a couple butts to get me through the winter. I pulled them and placed it multiple plastic containers so the family could pull out a single meal, reheat it quickly in the microwave, and eat. I've noticed, for some reason, the re-heated meat...
  4. buckeye024

    Butt Smoke - QVIEW

    I have decided to smoke a butt tomorrow (Thursday) and start a thread about it. This is the 1st time I've done a QVIEW thread. This will also be the 1st time that I plan on taking the butt the entire time in the smoker. Usually I smoke until 170 and then foil and finish in the oven, but that was...
  5. buckeye024

    Butts -To foil or not to foil?

    ...that is the question. I've done several butts in the past two years since I got my first smoker. I'll be doing a butt early next week. But, I've always foiled around 160-170 degrees, and then put it in the oven to finish it off until 200 degrees. However this time I'm thinking of a change...
  6. buckeye024

    Finishing Sauce - Suggestions anyone?

    Hey fellas and ladies, I'm try to find a good finishing sauce for pulled pork. I have used SoFlaQuer's regularly since I joined this site, it's very good, but I want to try something different. I tried a BBQ joint once that had a sauce to die for. It was a very thin sauce (slightly watery)...
  7. buckeye024

    Breaking News - Walmart Ammo

    All of the Wal-Marts across Alabama and Tennessee have sold out of ammunition as of last week. A reliable source said that one of the purchasers commented that while Russia may have invaded Georgia, they sure as hell ain't doin' it to Alabama or Tennessee.
  8. buckeye024

    Pellets in a GOSM?

    Has anyone used wood pellets in the smokebox of a GOSM? The store where I buy my wood chips and chunks from started carrying bags of pellets in several varieties of wood. I'm curious about the pellet's smoke compared to chips. Any experiences?
  9. buckeye024


    Hey all, quick question. Is there a secret to getting the great aroma from smoked pork? I have a GOSM wide body and I've done several batches of ribs and one butt in it. The meat turns out great, the ribs are fantastic, but I neve seem to get that awesome aroma. You know, the aroma that you...
  10. buckeye024

    Knife Set - Recommendations?

    Does anyone have a recommmendation for a good knife set that is NOT overly expensive? I'd like to stay under $100 bucks...the farther under the better!
  11. buckeye024

    Charcoal in gas smokebox?

    I just read a tip in another post about adding a couple charcoal brickettes to the smoke box of a gas smoker to help with the smoke ring. How many of you all do this and do you get results? Do you do it for the smoke ring or taste? I'm intrigued...help a newb understand!
  12. buckeye024

    Infrared Thermometer

    Has anyone tried one of those infrared gun-type, point and shoot with the laser, thermometers to measure smoker temps? I'm looking for something to give me accurate smoker temps for my GOSM. I don't trust the one on the door. I see Harbor Freight Tools has one of the infrared guns for $40. I've...
  13. buckeye024

    Howdy from Kentucky

    Hey everyone, Just checking in to introduce myself. I'm Buckeye born and bred, but now live in Lexington, KY. I have an affinity for good BBQ, which is hard to find here, so I recently decided...if you want something done right, do it your self! I bought an ECB 2 months back to try my hand at...
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