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  1. randy k

    Preservatives, and packaged sausages.

    Hi Guy's and Gal's, Can anyone explain why some packaged sausages doesn't need any refrigeration (until opened)? I mean the Slim Jim sitting on the counter at 7-11 has to be at least 7 months old, and who can forget Knott's Berry Farm's summer sausages. what's in it? Or how is it prepared? Or...
  2. randy k

    Plywood smoker

    Hi guy's I've thinking about making a plywood smoker and was wondering if those of you who have one have any suggestions. What I'm planning to make would be about 16" W 20" deep, and 78" tall. I'm planning on smoking sausages in this primarily, but who knows. What kinds of temperatures are you...
  3. randy k

    Master built and smoke

    Hi gang, I've had my Master built for a couple of months now, and so far it's been pretty rewarding. I added a door gasket, electronic thermometer, and cast iron skillet. However, I tried to smoke my first sausage yesterday and I just couldn't get enough smoke at 160-165 degrees what am I not...
  4. randy k

    enlarging a recipe

    Hi, I'm new to smoking, and have been brining pork shoulder is small batches (as not to waste meat or ingredients). However when I went to enlarge the recipe it came out real bland. I don't understand, I upped the recipe equal to the amount of meat (i.e. test piece 1/2# and brine was 2 cups)...
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