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  1. thelorax31

    vertical sausage stuffer, what size to buy?

    I own the 10# LEM SS. It's all stainless except for the gasket on the pluger. Shoneyboy makes the most sense on what to ask yourself. I would add in there, when you make sausage, how many different types will you make in one session? I make any where of 2-3 types in a day of 25 pounds total...
  2. thelorax31

    Sausage Making Questions/Advice Needed

    Over a year go, I started out with a kitchen aid meat grinder and sausage horn and it was a good way to start for cheap beings that I owned the mixer. But, it would take me about 6 hours to do 10 pounds of 2-3 different styles of sausage. Last Xmas I got better equipment. I went L.E.M all the...
  3. thelorax31

    Questions on my new MES 30"

    Thanks for the Info and link. I saved the link to the page and will look at this at some point. It looks like another fun little toy which will solve a draw back to the short burn on the wood supply.
  4. thelorax31

    Questions on my new MES 30"

    you talk about the a maze n smoker but you dont say what it is or where to get it
  5. thelorax31

    Questions on my new MES 30"

    After about 30 minutes the first cup was reduce to pretty much ash. Upon peering through the side where the wood goes, the chips were mostly black with ash forming. I took a sniff above the stack and I could smell only a slight hint of wood smoke. It's 28F out this morning and all I could see is...
  6. thelorax31

    Questions on my new MES 30"

    Last night I came home from work to find my new MES 30" sitting by the front door. Today, I seasoned it and got to try it out. The skinless boneless chicken breasts cooked in 1 hour and 4 minutes at 265F and I thought that was pretty good. The level of smoke flavor was good but not as intense...
  7. thelorax31

    Un-Confuse Me about MES

    I see the analog is a dial temp set that goes from low to high. That means you have to fiddle with it to get the temp you want. I have a propane smoker that is all about that. I want to set it and forget about it. I dont like to hover over my food. I need to be free to be able to prepare...
  8. thelorax31

    Un-Confuse Me about MES

    How is the MES 30 Analog? Calbala's has a good sale on that and I am a firm believer that there is always a place for analog, LIke my TV. how does it keep a constant temp and is there meat probes included like the digital ones? I mostly cook for myself so a 30" would be plenty. I l ike that the...
  9. thelorax31

    Un-Confuse Me about MES

    I was looking at the MES 30" at Walmart.com and its 179$ which seems to be a good price, but will it hold up? Is the heating element too small? What features does one look for when shopping for a MES smoker? The smoker on Walmart's site is the 20070910 Thanks, Brian
  10. thelorax31

    Question- Smoking time for a Turkey

    Last year I smoked a turkey that was 13.5 pounds in 4 hours at 250F. The skin did not come out rubbery. I used smoked till the bird temperature was around 145F and cooked till it was at 165F. The total time was four hours though. This year I used my Treager to cook a turkey. It was a 22  pound...
  11. thelorax31

    I need some advice on smoking salmon

    Thanks to you all. I will be starting this here pretty soon. I will smoke tomorrow. I think today, I will do a chicken. I will try to post some pictures of the results. Brian
  12. thelorax31

    I need some advice on smoking salmon

    I read through the posts on smoking salmon and really was unclear on what to do. This is pretty much my first attempt on smoking salmon. I want the salmon to turn out like what one would buy at the store already smoked. I was wondering on the time to smoke it and the internal temperature of...
  13. thelorax31

    brine container

    I just brined in a stainless steel 2 gallon pot. It is non reactive and works just fine. Like others said, avoid the non reactive pots.
  14. thelorax31

    Deboned Chicken

    That just kicks ass. 
  15. thelorax31

    What did everyone do for Thanksgiving?

    I brined and smoked a 11.5 pound fresh turkey and it came out amazing. I used a lot of techniques found on this site and they were most helpful. I brined my turkey with just under a gallon of water then added two 16 oz frozen orange juice cans, a cup of kosher salt, Cinnamon, Chinese five spice...
  16. thelorax31

    watch what you buy at Sams

    I have had friends tell me about the poor quality of Walmart meats. One friend told me that his chicken wings were moldy. No matter how poor I am, I refuse to shop at walmart. I have done so in the past and if it is not Chinese its crap. Also the whole 4 food wide customers and their 12 children...
  17. thelorax31

    Gloves for handling meat

    Disposable gloves are a staple at my house, whether I am wrenching on my Vespa, Making home meads/beer or working with meats, I wear em. you can easily find them at any drug store like Riteaid, Walgreens, Walmart or CVS. Latex is the cheapest but if you have an allergy to rubber then you want...
  18. thelorax31

    Oxidation on pots, pans, etc

    Oxidation it self wont cause health concerns but other terms for oxidation is rust and corrosion. Oxidation also kills flavor and aroma in food and drink. Think open bottle of wine the next day. Bleach is never a good idea for metals. Bleach will eat pits in stainless steel which leaves you...
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