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  1. dan skarr

    How to tell if it’s juices or water

    It's probably just the juices from the roast. Is there any juice in the water bath? If you had a hole in the bag that water bath would be full of juice. Use that juice to make your gravy, it's super delicious.
  2. dan skarr

    AMPS - Won't Stay Lit (Multiple Attempts)

    Sorry I didn’t read through the whole thread but have you tried removing the moisture from your pellets before lighting them? I tossed mine in the microwave for about 5 minutes and stirred halfway through before putting them in my AMPS in my MES 30”. I completely removed my dump tray and had...
  3. dan skarr

    How many of you use your water pan with your AMNPS?

    I love this forum, I've been adding water the entire time I've been smoking and I always thought something was off. I had a thought about it and came here to double check and everyone answered it for me. Thanks guys, y'all rock.
  4. dan skarr

    Cabela’s MES 30

    Thanks all, heading out today to grab it to replace my MB propane smoker that rusted out.
  5. dan skarr

    Cabela’s MES 30

    does anyone own this smoker and have a picture of the inside? Trying to figure out which generation this one is. http://www.cabelas.com/product/MASTERBUILT-SE-ELCTR-BLK-PROB/2583054.uts?slotId=3
  6. dan skarr

    Double Smoked Hams---Times 4 (Step by Step)

    I wonder how much smoke I should use for a 10lb ham?  Should I smoke it the entire time or just a couple of hours?  I'm using chunk pieces, not an AMNPS.
  7. dan skarr

    Initial Setup and Using the Masterbuilt Vertical Propane Smoker

    I was having major issues with my MB duel fuel smoker with flareups of the chunks and that foil method should fix that no problem!  Thank you so much, going to make my double smoked ham I'm doing tomorrow that much better.
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