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  1. udt89

    I understand the 4 hour rule, but......

    when reading around the site I see people stating they are at a constant 250 degrees for X hours.  Didnt I read in this forum somewhere to get to the required temp in 4 hours you need to be at 275? also, just to confirm, putting a temperature probe into a meat while it is still uncooked changes...
  2. udt89

    Excellent deal on a used 18.5 WSM in New Hampshire....another in Chicago

    AMAZING DEAL in NH only $65!!!! http://nh.craigslist.org/for/2060126242.html Used in Chicago $175 http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/tls/2059950700.html Someone in NH better scoop that up, that price just isnt fair.
  3. udt89

    To buy or not to buy this WSM package?

    So i found a guy near me selling a 22.5 WSM.  He used to compete and has had the WSM since April.  He said he used it about 5-6 times but took good care of it. With that he is selling a stoker with three probes, from https://www.rocksbarbque.com/.  And an upgraded 10 cfm fan. He is asking...
  4. udt89

    Heard a rumor of a 26.5 Weber Smokey Mountain coming out soon..........

    That's one big ass smoker. Anyone else hear about this?  I dont plan on buying it because that is too big for anything I plan on doing right now, but it must be a sight to see.
  5. udt89

    YMMV: Weber Charcoal Starter $3.98?

    Was in home depot and saw one last weber charcoal chimney starter.  No label no barcode.  Brought it to the counter and when they searched it comes up $3.98. I told them it was $14.99 but they said it might be on season closeout.  Just an FYI if you see this at home depot. YMMV=your mileage...
  6. udt89

    22.5 Weber Smokey Mountain $299 , Alexandria, VA area

    In my never ending attempt to score this smoker for equal to or under $300, I came across this posting. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/app/2029910690.html Hope it helps someone, doesnt help me in NY and they dont ship. (i already asked).  And I did confirm its the 22.5 inch.
  7. udt89

    Best price for the Weber 22.5" $387.98?

    Just curious if anyone has seen it cheaper shipped.
  8. udt89

    Long Story Short...need a charcoal smoker

    so the smoker that came with my propane brinkmann grill just isnt going to work.  the wood/water pan is just too small and i have to replace the water almost 3 times an hour other wise the wood burns up in 10 min.  plus it barely holds a handful of wood i would like to get a charcoal smoker on...
  9. udt89

    Hello From Long Island

    Hey Everyone, So after 3 years of condo life I finally reached my goal of buying a house.....which will allow me to start my two hobbies that I have been waiting a long time to do.  1- Brew Beer....2-Smoke Meat After tossing and turning over what to do in regards to buying a smoker I resisted...
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